Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sydney Festival 2008.

Taking Sydney to the streets
-- By Simon Ferguson
December 14, 2007 12:00am,22049,22919899-5006009,00.html

"Saturday January 5 will see city streets transformed into gigantic free dance and music events. Many acts playing for nothing that day will be part of the ticketed festival later in the month.

Children's events in the afternoon will give way to teenage dance parties and then grown-ups get to join in with couples dancing, a white-hot dance party and finally the climactic gigs in The Domain where Paul Kelly and Brian Wilson will play to an expected 100,000."

Why the flying fish am I here in Singapore? *Mopesssssssssss*

Flying off to Melbourne tomorrow morning for my brother's convocation. Will be back on Wednesday. [See, I wrote this post before I left but somehow clicked on "SAVE NOW" instead of "PUBLISH POST". Yeah I am a genius.]

Have fun decorating your xmas trees!


Sydney Festival 2008

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