Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Naruto Shippuuden y'all, Bleach, Aussieland, pup and immunity.

Hello peeps,

While the world continues to debate/discuss the Oscars, how hot Helen Mirren is for her age and who is wearing what on the red carpet, I'm back to give y'all a little update on my otherwise very boring life.

-- Mmmmm solid gold.

[I hate the word "y'all". Seriously it's horrible grammar. I can't say I speak/write grammatically correct sentences ALL the time but I try. I am just anal about things like this. Have I ever told you I want my towels to be hung such the the ends meet EQUALLY? My obsessive compulsion makes me a good origami-st because I'm good at folding edges.]

Anyway, Naruto is back. Gone are the days of mind-numbing filler episodes where ninjas went on quests to save pets, have awesomely spicy curry rice and catch bugs. We are back on track with the comics! Then again, I hate waiting 5-10 days for a new episode to come out. I mean, when we get to the good fighting bit, the music cues in and I have never hated "to be continued.." more in my life. I loathe waiting. I hate it when stories get left hanging when I want to know who beats the living crap out of who.

-- They still look the same to me. But of course, this is an old picture.

Due to overwhelming pressure (read: sheer boredom) and recommendation from friends, I have started watching Bleach. I am late, I know. I think I'm getting to the good bit. But those Death Gods and Soul Society names are confusing me.

I'm getting too old for anime. Blah.

I have good news and bad news. Jo is back (hi Jo!) but she's leaving me for Aussieland soon. This blows. Plus, I'm in another sticky situation. Let me try to explain. Say there's a puppy I like and it's costly. And I live with savages who may or may not eat the pup. If I go ahead and buy the lil pup, should I hide it somewhere or just bring the pup home and hope the savages do not eat the pup?

Bad example, but that is the situation I am in. Somewhat. Minus the pup and savages.

And my stupid cough is still here. Goddamnit. It has been a MONTH since I have been coughing my lungs out. I am giving serious thought to this whole coughing fit. Is this a new bacteria/virus? I am not getting well. I am sick and coughing my lungs out because the bacteria/virus is good (!??!) for me. You see, it is behaving like those vaccine things. You get it, feel uncomfortable for days (in my case, a month) and you won't get it in future because you develop immunity! Makes sense? Right? Right? I'm not terminally ill, right?

-- Immunity jab?

I need to get to a doctor.

Oh, before I forget to sign off, I hate work.



Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year, family, pesky small talk and weight gain.

As a Chinese, I am the least excited about the Chinese New Year. It excites me as much as watching paint dry.

-- Caution - Do not sit!

I think more people are catching on the idea that it is nothing but a festival that brings the family (including extended families and cousins a few times removed) together. It is an idealistic vision, where family will still come together and cherish whatever time they have with one another before they have to part again and return to their lives wherever they are in the world.


-- That is one scary family tree.

To me, it feels like a gathering of relatives you see once a year. They don't know about you. They ask you patronising questions (in no particular order) such as,
"How are you doing in school?"
"Which year of uni are you in?"
"Wow you mean you have graduated?!"
"So what course did you do?"
"How's work?"
"Getting married anytime soon?"

All of which serve no purpose at all. They are just small talk for the sake of not having to put up with awkward silence when we are all in the same room.

Then there are the pesky family members who do not give 2 hoots about you, but are still asking you private questions just so that they can "discuss" your marital/career/overall prospects with other "bored" relatives. You become gossip fodder.

-- Are you the next Brangelina?

Plus, someone told me in my face "Hey you put on weight!"


Can you see why I hate such awkward family gatherings?

It is such a farce.

I must plan an escape route for Chinese New Year - 2008.

-- Up, up and away!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day - The Aftermath.

On Valentine's Day, I was dateless. J was not here and it was just too sad sitting in my apartment, wishing otherwise. I went out with friends for some window shopping and dinner.

We had so much trouble getting a restaurant it just wasn't cool. I mean, who knew the queue JUST to have sushi on conveyor belt was over an hour? Plus, it was Valentine's Day. I thought people would shell out a little more to go to somewhere with better ambience than sitting shoulder to shoulder with other people in a fast-food chain store selling sushi. In the end we settled for some Chinese that gave us a table straight away.

I'm still battling depression and loss of sanity. Window shopping, or any form of retail therapy always helps to brighten me up. Then again, only at the right price. Would you spend 3/4 of your salary on 1 piece of clothing?

Luscious cream color instead of moss green.

Costs US$_50. Instead of US$_50, I look a million bucks in this, baby.

Should I just lower my expectations (by a lot) to this?

I just look smart and put together, but not a million bucks. Maybe just $139.

Decisions decisions!

J's response to my jacket craze?

"We can all dream."

Fuggedy fug fug.


That was all on Wednesday, Valentine's Day.

I had to go to town on Thursday for a medical appointment, which meant lots of longing looks at pretty things at the shops. And due to the "overwhelming joy" at work and the "impending glorious festival" that is Chinese New Year, I went a bit mad at the shops.

I didn't splurge on the jacket that is priced at a 4 figure sum, but I did spend an obscene amount of money buying clothes and more clothes. Fuck.

I'm broke now. All my money is sitting in prettily wrapped shopping bags still tied/scotch-taped at the top, with all my goodies still wrapped in that thin tissue that comes with every purchase.

Man oh man oh man am I in trouble.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day eve.

It is Valentine's Day tomorrow.

I am alone. J is not here.

Woe is me!

Newbie update: Asshole alert.

Wow it has been a week since I last wrote.

Last week was a blur. I stayed back in the office so much I can't remember how many days I had worked overtime. There was a crisis at work, and part of it was my fault. Lots of phonecalls and meetings and workarounds to solve the crisis at hand.

I'm so tired and worn out, I have not managed to recover from my cough from 2 weeks ago. I am coughing my lungs out. Not good. Not good at all.

-- "Is that my lungs I'm feeling at the back of my throat???"

This week is almost the same. Newbie is becoming rude, lazy and totally insolent. How dare he question my authority? I'm still his boss and he better fucking listen to what I tell him to do.

I gave him 1 email (a simple case) to resolve since last Friday. He did not finish it till yesterday afternoon. Then he just disappeared from his desk for one of his many many breaks. We have received so many complaints about no one manning the phone, it is getting frustrating. If he can't accomplish a simple case, is it my fault for overestimating his capabilities? Or is it his fault for being stupid and lazy?

If you are not sure of how to resolve an issue, ask. If I had taken the effort to fucking write a step-by-step guideline of what to do, you fucking read it and follow it. If you still don't get it, ask and then make notes when I'm fucking teaching you. Stop texting your silly friends on your mobile, asshole.


I'm so pissed off with Newbie. Slackest, laziest and slowest learner I have ever met.

I am convinced I have no patience for lazy unmotivated learners. I can never be a teacher since I feel murderous towards them.

I used to think that Dim Bulb was a horrible co-worker to have. But Newbie just proves me wrong. Newbie is lazier, and a whole lot dimmer.

If Dim Bulb is just plain dim, then Newbie is ________.

Expectations, reality and you.

Have you ever felt so caught between people's expectations?

You think of yourself as a normal person, just like everyone else. You do all the normal things. You hang out. You have a life.

Along comes someone who tells you that you are not as normal as you want to believe. You have obligations to fulfill. People may not be who they claim to be. You are supposed to behave a certain way just because of who you are.

What a load of bull crap.

I agree that there will always be leeches who cling on to you for favours. ALWAYS. They will not be your true friends, and will probably sell you out for $1.20. Life sucks when you begin to suspect the people around you have other motives being friends with you. Where is the trust? Will you ever disclose your identity?

[Are you a superhero? Ed: Just for kicks and giggles.]

Just when are you you?

This blows.

Don't you just feel like yelling, "Fuck it all, I've had it." and just stomp off?

I do.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Work crisis, illusion of free will, New Year, New Girl and blind faith will keep us alive.

Hullo mah pretties, hope life has been treating you right.

-- Life is pinkishly wonderful for you, mah pretties.

Life still sucks on my side of the pond. Work, work and more work. Dealing with one work crisis after another. When will all the crap end? Oh I know.
a) When the world ends.
b) When the company collapses.
c) When I die.

I thought about putting the option "When I quit" but then again, crap will still crop up somewhere else even if I change jobs. Which brings me to think about this oxy-moronic thing called "free will".

I think free will is just a fucking illusion some coked-up philosophers who were high on some potent herbal remedies back in the day. You think you have the power to change the situation, in this example, my life would totally change for the better IF I have a choice to change my job. Does the action make it true? No.

-- High as a kite.

You CAN change your job, but that does not guarantee that life is going to be a bed of gorgeous smelling roses. Hell, you may have given up the the field of overpowering parsley for the great unknown, which turns out to be a festering swamp of rotten soggy cabbages.

You get my drift? Making a change does not necessarily change a person's life for the better. Free will is a self-empowering illusion. So is faith. Faith makes you believe that the impossible may become possible just because you believe. If I just HOPE AND BELIEVE that God will drive a bright yellow school bus down to Earth to pick up stranded victims during a horrible flash flood, and refuse the emergency raft that comes to bring me to safety, would that be still called faith?

-- God, are you here to save me??

I believe in God and all His glorious awesome-st powers, therefore I reject all earthly help because I truly believe He will rescue me from the crocodiles that are swimming my way. That's faith.

And perhaps a giant dose of stupidity.

What do you think?


Anyway onto lighter subjects.

Chinese New Year is approaching (ETA: 12 Days) and mom's feeling the pressure to clean the house inside out, and probably all the nooks and crannies I don't think anyone will ever discover during the short time they spend in my house. I have been trying my darndest to discourage her from scraping the last bit of dust from the tiny crack in the wall behind my piano.

-- Lord no, no more cleaning.

[Well she's not cleaning the dust off the tiny crack on the wall behind my piano. Which I have stopped playing since... a long time ago. She's not THAT much of a compulsive cleaner, but if this is a 10 out of a scale of 10, I would say Mom is somewhere around 8. She gave up on us kids helping her years ago because besides hearing us whine incessantly WHILE cleaning, she wasn't satisfied with our cleaning standards. ]

Plus, it is tradition to wear new clothes, particularly in bright colors, because tradition (again) just thought it would be a great way to start the new year and good luck all year round. Does that mean I get to go shopping again?

[I wear dark colors almost every Chinese New Year. It's a slimming color.]

Anyway I have covered free will, (blind?) faith and new clothes all in 1 post. Super.

p.s. There is a new girl at work and she's not trying hard enough to get into my "People to greet with a smile" pool, and leaning precariously and tempting me to banish her to my "People who do not exist" pool. Plus she has a Miu Miu bag and I don't. Fuck. Will update you guys soon. Could this be Me VS New Girl??

I'm getting even myself intrigued.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slump, cute pets, lethargy, weight and God is a child.

I know I have been in a slump for longer than I can remember. I don't want to whinge and bitch about it nonstop so let's go "awwwwwww" at the cute little baby polar bear then.

-- Awwwww.... I want to keep a bear!

Or the cutesy squirrel that makes me want to keep it as a pet.

-- I can play peekaboo with it! Maybe it can sleep in my shoe box?

Life is full of ups and downs. And as I put it, Someone Up There aka God must be a bratty child who just loves to give immense joy to someone, just to plot a bigger and more cruel scheme to take it all away. We're the little ants in his gigantic ant colony and he just likes to sprinkle bits of sugar to make us dizzy with joy, only to later put a fireman hose into the tank, blast it and flood it all to hell. Just for kicks.

Enough analogies. I get tired so easily it's not funny anymore. I got tired just from thinking about the analogy, I stopped to have some tea and let my brain recuperate before I penned it down. Let's not even get into the strenuous task of stringing all those ideas into sentences and typing it all into words. I would probably develop an aneurysm, and in a dramatic never-been-recorded-in-New-England-Journal-of-Medicine twist of event, my brain will turn into jelly when the bitch of an aneurysm bursts.

That was a long sentence.


Plus, has anyone noticed the "Sponsored Link" bar in GMail?

Seriously, www.PregnantGetting.com is not funny.

Do I sound like I'm keen to push out a wailing crapping child anytime soon? Or have I ever written any emails about me desperate of getting knocked up? Geez.

I'm just snappy now. People are commenting that I have put on weight and my arms are big, flabby and mushy. My fantasy stock shares are plummetting and I lost about $60 million fake dollars. I am in such a foul mood I want to rip something apart.

-- Mmmmmm... magical unicorn

Ok. I am going to my happy place now and hope I see you there! Or find a pot of gold under the rainbow.

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