Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's a Minister-Looking Guy in my office.

J is at Seaworld with Kristie because she got a "Swim with the dolphins" voucher for her birthday. He's there to be the photographer guy. Hehe.. fun!

On something not as fun, a minister-looking guy walked into my office because some shite happened. I say minister-looking because I have definitely seen him on the telly, but I can't figure out his name or post. Till then, he's known as the Minister-Looking Guy.

-- Not insinuating anything. Nice comic strip, innit?

My managers looked like they were scare shite-less. I wonder how they explained the situation to Minister-Looking Guy.

Oh yeah, I work in a government agency. Woohoo for me. =/

New phone, Samsung U700 and why I didn't get an iPhone.

Recently my Motorola V3 got all cranky and I decided to retire it. This was a tough call, since I really really love my V3 in all its slim glory. But really, it was getting annoying when the screens wouldn't come up, and people couldn't call or text me on days. It just gave up receiving all that on a whim.

I thought about getting the Motorola V8 but if I am going to pay $600 for something similar with just a different color on the outside, I might as well spend it on something new and different. In desperation the end, I bought a new phone. The Samsung U700.

It has touch-sensitive buttons beneath the display so the main screen is cluttered with buttons everywhere. This is cool, but it takes some getting used to. You don't really want to make a video call every time you try to scroll through your phonebook, do you? Anyway Teddy loves it, and so do I.

-- My fingerprint magnet.

[I talk to my toys.. I know how that looks. =/]

It is slim and it makes calls, so that's enough for me. I thought about getting an iPhone but it will not be covered under warranty once it is out of the USA. Plus, Apple released a nasty iTunes update that will brick the phone and all you have left is a pretty thing that does not work. That's almost $1000 down the drain if you ask me. I am not about to risk my $1000 on a pretty phone Apple doesn't want to sell to me.

I know it is gorgeous. But besides the warranty and bricking issues, there is the battery. Unlike conventional phones, iPhone does not have a battery you can just buy off the shelf and replace on your own. It has to go back to the Apple store, and the magic elves will replace the battery for you at a premium price.

-- Windows on Apple? Wooooooo...

With so many downsides to owning an iPhone outside of the US, it really doesn't make much sense to buy one. At least not until the official launch in Asia, and AFTER they tweak the phone.

Because honestly why would you get a phone that
  • only works with 1 carrier
  • can't use cool and nifty 3rd party applications that fully utilises the phone BEST to YOUR needs
  • is controlled by Apple via iTunes and who knows when they decide to brick your phone
  • you can't change the battery in 5 minutes because only the Apple elves are "authorised" to do it.

-- Super Mario Bros. on iPhone? Awesome.

Until all these issues (that I am concerned about) are resolved, I will remain an admirer, not an owner, of the iPhone.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Meguriai and Tokyo Cinderella Story.

After listening to "Say Yes" over at knoddy's blog (and got all mushy), the title Meguriai came up. It was a song from a favourite tv show, and I can't believe it has been that many years.

Rich handsome guy meets simple girl. Girl falls in love. Handsome Guy is semi-jerk but falls in love with her in the end. Did I mention that he's rich and handsome?

Yeah, many hours had been spent swooning.


The Jap vintage drama fever is coming back. I can feel it!

Guess who.

Guess who's arriving this Friday?????


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Corduroy Cafe and scrumptious desserts.

Last Saturday, Shan and I went to Corduroy Cafe at Vivocity.

The entrance of the cafe is beautiful. It's not the local Starbucks with its trademark green mermaid you can recognise a mile away. It is rustic, tucked away in a corner, quiet and private. And the Parisien/European deco is a refreshing change for me. Clocks, photographs and paintings on the wall, and it is almost personal, like the inside of someone's home. Love the tiles!

Shan and I were spoilt for choice, which ranks as awesome in my book. Luscious desserts, warm and hearty soups and the smell of coffee are sooooo intoxicating!

We ordered quite a selection, because we might we well try lots since we were there.
  • Verdure - a selection of antipasti like grilled zucchini, roasted peppers, mushrooms and aubergine. Which is just another fancy name for eggplant.
  • Cafe au lait
  • Creamy Panna cotta with wild berries compote
  • Earl Grey creme brulee
  • Onion soup
Check out the desserts! Beautiful and almost too pretty to sink your spoon in.

Creamy Panna cotta with wild berries compote. The panna cotta is simmered to perfection and the sweet wild berries compote goes down so well with the silky smooth cream. It has been a week and I can still remember how divine it is.

Earl Grey Creme Brulee is unexpectedly divine too. The light lingering taste of Earl Grey after sets off the sweet custard. For the 2 of us who had been stuffing ourselves with desserts, we were sick from eating all the sweet sugary treats. The Earl Grey was a great relief.

Assorted berries dusted with sugar!

Shan and I agreed that a monthly high tea is only fitting after such a scrumptious spread. It is very girly, I know. Not to mention fattening but hey, you only live once and no better time to enjoy it!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Customising Labels for my posts.

Currently symin.blogspot.com is on the brink of a revamp. I am going to start using labels on posts. It is extremely frustrating, since I'm on a Classic Template heavily edited with html all over the place. Labels is not part of the Classic Template. Fug.

For example, the label is placed RIGHT AFTER the post. I find it a little too distracting, considering the font, font color and whatnot for the author, timestamp etc are too small.

I want to place the label at the end of the entire post, not at the end of the body. It is something as simple as shifting the code elsewhere but because I'm on template mode, I can't find that line.
After checking the source, I found out that the label is placed div class "post-body". Just follow the pink arrow and you will see it. Oh right, the f#@king line is just too long for the attribute to be displayed.

I'm trying to put it UNDER, where the circled bit is. And maybe include a drop down menu on the sidebar to organise the labels, which I can totally foresee to grow like a weed. Just why is that so hard, I simply cannot understand.

I mean, I can just let the whole thing go and just tweak the html to accomodate and *try* to put Labels elsewhere with a different font size. Or I can just throw in the towel and switch to the Layout mode, courtesy of Blogger.com. But I will lose the layout of the blog right now. I've grown fond of the current layout and it would take a lot for me to undo it all. =/

I'm going to *try* and tweak the html bit as best as I can. Till then, please leave a message if you have any idea on how to do this Label thing.


26 October 07 2:14pm
I have fixed this! To find out how, you can get it from here.

A simple chunk of code and problem solved. Not especially elegant, since it's hardcoded to shift 40 pixels down. But hey, so far so good. Not complaining at all. =)

Next stop, drop down menu!

Black + Yellow.

Black + Yellow!

It was a sunny day, and yellow was the way to go. Plus, a little color brightens up everything, including the gloomiest of moods and most desolate office.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Burfday pressie, choices and all I want for my burfday is...

The time has come for "A Birthday Present From Me to Me". It is going to be my burfday in 13 days' time. Being an independent woman who earns her own paycheck, what shall I get for me?

1. A spanking new phone

I'm thinking about getting the Samsung U600 or the U700. Ever since my Motorola V3 died on me, say thrice in the past 4 days. The screen just gives up every few hours or so and it drives me crazy. Right now, the outer screen is blank. Awesome. Not.

I mean what good is a mobile phone if I can't read what numbers I'm punching in? Worse, who is calling me right now?

2. A pretty organiser

A pretty organiser, or agenda as the Louis Vuitton people call it. I need one, but not one that is so expensive.

Suhali agenda in plum!!! Just how pretty is this? About as pretty as US$430 before tax.

And I came across a very sweet picture while scouring the LV website for the agenda.

Is there any greater journey than love?

Wow. So a trip to Louis Vuitton with your loved one MUST be a journey of love. If Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff think so, it must be so. Nice.

3. Bejeweled gladiator sandals.

If Romans wore sandals to war and conquered the world, can you imagine what bejeweled sandals can do?? I'm just "convincing" myself how wonderful they are and how much I need them.

4. Lovely lovely bracelets / bangles.

Coach, Tod's, Hermes and of course Tiffany have very pretty ones. But do I need to spend a few hundred dollars on something I occasionally put on my wrist? Not really.

But they are so preeeeeety.

5. Beautiful threads.

One lump sum to spend on clothes I lurve. Maybe some on those bendy shoes Tod's carry.

Or any cute bendy shoes since I don't think paying hundreds of dollars for bendy shoes that tread on dirt is a financially sensible decision.

6. Nintendo Wii.

I am keeping the console, and J can wear this t-shirt. Best arrangement ever.

7. Another holiday.

Hey, my birthday present last year was a trip to Spain. (Palma rocks!!!) I can't think of anything to beat that now. So J, how are you planning to out-do yourself this year? He spoilt his own market and I'm not helping. Hehe.

I kid, I kid. It would be nice to have him around for my birthday this year. I don't really need to go on another fancy holiday just because it's my burfday.

Choices choices choices!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dreams, memory, death and loss.

I dreamt of him last week. Truth be told, I have never dreamt of him since his passing 2 years ago. For a period of time, I was upset about not saying my last goodbye.

We were in the present, and not when we were 19 when we last went out. We were just hanging out, walking in the mall from shop to shop and spending time together. He didn't say anything. He was smiling. I didn't say anything either. And it didn't occur to me that he has passed on till I woke up.

It still feels strange to think about it. I am not a religious nor spiritual person. I still think of him from time to time, simply because it was such a pity that he had to go so soon. He didn't see me graduate. Nor my birthday that year like he promised.

I wonder if his family is ok. It has been 2 years but I am sure it is still very raw to his closest and dearest.

I think I have problems dealing with death and loss. On busy days, the memory of those who have left is pushed aside for work and commitments. To me, they are still here, but just away from me probably on holiday or at work. Here, but not here.

But when everything has settled and it's all quiet and I'm alone, it hurts a lot to know that they are not here anymore. It hurts to know that they are in my photographs, and in my head. They are just not here anymore.

Shopping for organisers, functional and beautiful.

It's mid October and 2008 will be here soon. I need a new personal organiser. There are many other gadgets out there that do the same thing, be it a PDA or phones with built-in organisers. But I still like writing things, personalizing it with all my stickers (I'm still a child, I know), post-its and photos.

I just like writing it down, and flipping the pages to find out when my next appointment is, or whose birthday is just around the corner. I can also find out where I went when J was here. I write down everything single thing, down to the time if I can.

But now, the time has come for me to get a new one. (Shopping!!!! *Suddenly I have a direction in life*)

I looked around and all I could find is (Yes, "is". It is in present tense because it is STILL true.) ugly as hell organisers from Filofax. I'm sure Filofax makes pretty decent organisers, judging from their website. What puzzles me is why the local stockists in Singapore would bulk order just the ugly ones.

Why can't they get organisers from Japan like they used to?

So very pretty.

My old one is a Japanese one. I have had it since I was 18 and it is very dear to me. It doesn't look like an organiser, since it has a zipper all around it instead of the usual magnetic buckle thing. I have addresses, notes, appointments written, photographs of friends and one of those instant photographs of J in my organiser. I bring it everywhere with me.

Pretty floral ones.

From Target.com !!!

It is a pity it's a spiral one. I can't refill it, I have to buy a new one every year and does that mean I have to keep 1 notebook a year? =/

Not business-y.

Functional yet slim and sleek. With little zippers, pockets and card slots for all my stuff. Loving it!

And not thick and fat and heavy like a brick. See, it is like an artist's notebook, filled with photos, little notes and random things. It even opens up like an artist's notebook.

Complete with a little zipper at the back so my little knick knacks won't fall out!

How can it be this hard to find something functional and beautifully designed?

I am going to hunt for an organiser that I like. I have till 2008. Or at least till I miss something important. Does anyone know where to find organisers in Singapore? Or at least online and get them to ship it here?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I miss you.

It has been slightly over a year since my aunt left. It would have been a great birthday if she were still here.

I miss her so much.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogger, 4 Weddings, bonking and dvd boxset.

I finished my post on "Four Weddings and a Funeral", saved it as draft and Blogger has fugged it all up to hell again. The entire post was lost.

I am re-writing the entire post again from memory, and this time I can't help it if a post on a warm fuzzy movie is laced with anger and rage. Can you imagine, I have to find all those pictures and links to websites again?



Watched "Four Weddings and a Funeral" for the second time and I must say that it was thoroughly enjoyable. Classic British humour and wit. Plus, Kristin Scott Thomas was excellent.

The movie was a little different though. I don’t remember seeing people bonking each other that much, no blown up dolls and that comparison of bonking and table tennis. Probably because I watched it on telly and the censorship people cut all these scenes.

It was probably for the better as well, since my 14 year old mind would be too traumatised if I watched that newlyweds quickie scene. “Why is he making so much noise like a choking seagull?” does not a good question make.

For the entire movie, I love Fiona the best.

Fiona: Discussing the first time one performs a wedding It's rather like the first time one has sex, I suppose.
Father Gerald: I suppose so.
Fiona: Only not as messy, and far less cause for condoms.

At the second wedding Mrs. Beaumont: Are you married?
Fiona: No.
Mrs. Beaumont: Are you a lesbian?
Fiona: Good lord! What makes you ask that?
Mrs. Beaumont: Well, it is one of the possibilites for unmarried girls nowadays, and it's rather more interesting than saying, "Oh dear, never met the right chap," eh?
Fiona: Quite right. Why be dull?
Mrs. Beaumont: Thank you.
Fiona: The truth is... well, the truth is, I have met the right person, and he's not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance.
Mrs. Beaumont: Oh, what a shame.
Fiona: Yes, isn't it?
another pause
Fiona: I was a lesbian once at school, but only for about fifteen minutes.

Bravo, Fiona. Bravo.


On a side note, do Brits really bonk that much? I mean, people got it on under a table at a wedding reception! Not choosy? Good lovers? Shite.

All the witty banter aside, this is a movie about friendship, love and loss. And perhaps a more romantic approach to long term relationships that do not need the institution of marriage. Carrie actually said “I do” to not marrying Charlie but spend the rest of her life with him. De facto.

It is after all, a movie. I am resisting this “let’s not get married but still have a married life” thing. What is it about enjoying the whole married lifestyle, companionship and basically the entire works, but denying just one certificate of making the women their lawfully wedded wives? I like to think of that paper as security.

Anyhoo, I feel like watching Love Actually again. Can’t remember how many times I have watched it. More than twice and 10 is certainly a possibility. Just wonderful.

He picked up Portugese, spoke it in all its broken glory in front of all those people and he got the girl! *swoon* It is one of my favourite short story. Jamie and Aurelia.

[I can make J learn Mandarin, can't I? Hmmmmm... food for thought.]

Can someone tell me where I can find this boxset?

I am such a sucker for these movies.

Facebook vs Frienster.

Why is everyone switching over from Friendster to Facebook like rats jumping a sinking ship?

I can't deal with that many passwords.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sun, Super Mario, Wii, Square Enix and soundtracks.

It is a rather slow day at the office. There are the usual emails to reply and silly users with "problems". Of course there is an issue, discovered yesterday.

Something about "soft errors from Memory Module" that "trigger page retire". And it is caused by the cosmic rays emitted from the sun (the celestial body). The funny thing? Cosmic rays emitted from the sun is causing damage to the RAM in Sun server. Sun killing Sun, geddit? Ok never mind.

Who knew?? It will be awesome to watch the manager explain that to the client. No one will ever buy it, even though it is true.

I am bored, people. There is no new games for my PS2 and I am still unsure about getting a PS3 or Wii. Why buy another console when there is no good games out there? I want a fantastic groundbreaking game to come along, sweep me off my feet and turn me into a drooling fool to turn in my credit card for a console so I can spend all day and night playing it.

Like Final Fantasy X did.

Xbox 360 has Halo 3.

PS3 has.. Final Fantasy XIII so my best bet to get a PS3 is 2008 or 2009 when the English version is released. I am done with getting the first version of the game in Japanese and stumbling all over the game because I can't understand jack about all that dialogue and missions in Japanese.

-- Character from Final Fantasy XIII

Wii has.. nothing much. Except for interactive stuff with graphics that are not as impressive. It has Mario though. Awesome.

Wordly wisdom from 'Super Paper Mario'
First Mario title for the Wii delivers sweet, smart gameplay
-- By Winda Benedetti, MSNBC contributor
Updated: 6:24 p.m. ET April 27, 2007


There are a few things that make a game a cult classic. You need an engaging storyline (especially if it is a RPG) that players can accept, a sound battle system, awesome graphics and an impressive soundtrack.

From One Winged Angel - Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth rocks!

The soundtrack is marvellous. I dare say it is the classical of our time. And it was written for a game almost 10 years ago!

My god, I do swoon everytime I hear Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy VII.

And To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. From 2:50min onwards, no no... from the beginning, it's just.. wow.

Can someone buy me the cd for the orchestral performance? It makes me tear up. CD, please.

I am not sure how a game can succeed without all the components. Super Mario Brothers back in the 90s did not have much of a storyline but with a few simple jumps, King Koopa and a soundtrack that was so unmistakable, my generation loved it. We still do.

If you take out the battle system and replace it with a complicated "Press A while rotating L3 in a semi circle clockwise, punch X + O + X + X and then pull L1 and L2 triggers together immediately not a second later" button mashing just to do a simple trick, good luck selling the game.

I hate the stupid active dimension battle (ADB) system on Final Fantasy 12.

[What the f#@k, Square Enix? Are you mocking my support and love for you? FF12 took you guys ages and how did you repay my patience and support? You released versions after versions, special, international, commemorative, platinum and whatnot. And where are the gils? All your gils are belong to me so you better put them back in FF13.

And Kingdom Hearts 2. Again with the stupid versions. Do I have to buy the game 6 times or what? I don't even want to go into the "Let's press X to practise our jumps" dialog.]

I am going to try to calm down and listen to the soundtracks, and maybe work. J is at port today, at Trinity Wharf in Cairns right next to the clock tower. Maybe I should discuss the "PS3 or Wii" question with him.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day off, Maccas, movies and terrorizing lizard.

I took a day off on Thursday to get my employment pass in order, now that I have switched employer. I am still at my old job, so it’s more of a formality more than anything.

I’m still paid peanuts and I wish they were worthless peanuts so I could hurl them in the company’s face. But as much as I would love to, these peanuts pay for my food and retail therapy, which I need because of the hurt and pain the office has caused me. It is a vicious cycle.

I had Maccas breakfast on a weekday- pure luxury! I don’t have Sausage McMuffin with Egg often and it was wonderful as I sunk my teeth into the overly processed meat patty. Plus guess what I was watching while I devour my muffin and hash brown? Harry Potter 5.

[Movie review will follow soon.]

It was great to have time for myself. Be it strolling down the shopping district and people-watch while I sipped my large cup of café mocha and nibbled on little canapés. Really. So French. Day off rocks.

Met my cousin in town and shopped around HMV for dvds. It is still a pretty foreign thing to me, paying premium prices for shiteous crap like "Open Season". J paid for it and I still have it at my place. I would rather stuff a melon down my throat than to pay for things like "Barnyard – The Original Party Animals".

Doesn’t it look painful? It probably is.

In the end we got "4 Weddings and a Funeral", "The Last Emperor" and "Top Gun". "Top Gun" mostly because I loved it as a kid and for sh*t and giggles, I am so going to remember the whole "you can be my wingman anytime" conversation.

[Again, movie reviews to follow.]

Anyway I have been terrorized by a lizard for almost a week. I saw it in my cabinet and got a lizard trap which I didn’t know people actually make till Nick told me. Laid the trap and saw something in there. I thought it was just a tail, you know the effing 4 Legs broke its tail to escape? Upon closer inspection, it’s a curled up lizard.

Wonderful. Just let me throw up now.

Then when did I get a new one which just scampered behind the f#@king fridge?
Wasn’t it just one?!

Laid a trap for the new bugger. Well, no hard feelings towards the little bugger but I can’t have it/them skulking around my cabinets can I?

What if they scurry down my arm while I reach for the last packet of instant noodles all the way at the back of the cabinet?

What if it/they poo or fall on me while I go about my business?

I may have to scrub my skin raw and even then it may not be enough

Well that’s enough lizard stories for a post. Let me work on my movie one so at least the lizard post won’t be the first one you read.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Harry Potter and 6 f#@king questions.

I know. It's Harry Potter. It's one of the few books I have read this year, besides my half-finished copy of Stardust. I'm not proud of it.

I have finished Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Not sure if any of you is
done with it. The rest of the entry is going to be spoilers. And some of the funniest things I have come across. So, blind yourself or maybe google pron or something if you don't want to spoil your read.

CRACKED.com - 6 Questions The Last Harry Potter Book Had Better F#@king Answer

Q: Is Dumbledore really dead?

The first rule of thumb when reading a pulp mystery—which, if you hadn't noticed, is what the Harry Potter books are—is that a murder isn't a murder if you lose track of the body. When Snape "killed" Dumbledore, Dumbledore's corpse was conveniently propelled backwards off the castle walls and out of sight. You don't have to be Angela Lansbury to realize that's pretty fishy. Is it possible that Dumbledore negated the curse while in free fall, miraculously survived the 100 foot drop, regained his feet, fed Polyjuice potion to a carefully pre-positioned bear, killed the bear, then slunk into the shadows to let it take his place?

Yes, quite frankly, that could happen—and it wouldn't even be the stupidest thing to happen in the Harry Potter universe. That would be Quidditch.

Still, there are a lot of clues to suggest that poor old Dumbledore really has been flushed down the toilet of the Potter-verse. His phoenix Fawke singing that sad-sad song of sorrow was a pretty conclusive-looking sign. Also, there was the host of witnesses who saw Dumbledore's body up close. And there was Dumbledore's portrait suddenly appearing in the headmaster's office at school. And perhaps most definitively, J.K. Rowling has confirmed this herself in an interview, saying "Dumbledore is definitely dead," before obnoxiously adding, "but it's complex."

What does "complex" mean? Does it mean he'll live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved him? That he'll reappear in a vaguely shimmery way and advise Harry to seek further training on the planet Dagobah? That he's enlisted the aid of top Muggle scientists to transfer his consciousness into a talking car? Or will it be something stupid?

Our "100% Lock, Money-in-the-Bank" Prediction: Dumbledore's dead, but still around via the talking portrait. Harry will consult it for advice throughout the concluding novel, and at a critical juncture, remove it from the wall of the headmaster's office, using it to club Draco in the back of the head before dryly stating "The head-master's office hours are over, bitch."

It is THAT hilarious. Go read the rest from the website.

I am currently working on quite a few posts which I hope will eventually develop into a complete entry. I write stubs, and fill in the rest of the blanks when I have time/inspiration/death threats. Oh, I am so going to watch Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix on DVD. So guess which comes first. Have fun.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I *heart* KT Tunstall.

The song just blows me away. I mean, wow. It is EXACTLY how I feel. It takes very little, I know. So until I find my tongue again, or some time to write some unimportant stuff no one is interested about, I shall leave you with the following.

KT Tunstall - Throw Me A Rope

I want you between me and the feeling I get when I miss you
But everything here is telling me I should be fine
So why is it so, above as below,
That I'm missing you every time

I got used to you whispering things to me into the evening
We followed the sun and its colours and left this world
It seems to me that I'm definitely
Hearing the best that I've heard

So throw me a rope to hold me in place
Show me a clock for counting my days down
Cause everything's easier when you're beside me
Come back and find me
Cause I feel alone

And whenever you go it's like holding my breath underwater
I have to admit that I kind of like it when I do
Oh but I've got to be unconditionally
Unafraid of my days without you

So throw me a rope to hold me in place
Show me a clock for counting my days down
Cause everything's easier when you're beside me
Come back and find me
Whenever I'm falling you're always behind me
Come back and find me
Cause everything's easier when you're beside me
Come back and find me
Cause I feel alone

Simple, yet impressive isn't it?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Legal on the road, driving skills, starter car and origami.

When I first got my driver's license back in 2001, one of my parents' worst fears was realized. [Among many others, most of them irrational. Like me picking up smoking at age 25 due to "peer pressure". Wow I am still an impressionable child. Oh, and pregnancy.]

I mean, I was (still am) legally allowed to drive. The family car. Their car.

Being a newbie driver, my driving skills were put into question. "Can you really park without denting the bumper?" "Are you sure you passed? Is your driver's license fake?"

They were petrified that I would wreck the car. Their car. So mom actually wanted to get me a starter car, say a cheap car so any scratches, dents and all other damages to it would be ok. It would cost much less to repair the starter car than the family car. The starter car was worthless to begin with, so any damage to it was insignificant. That was her logic.

Perodua Kelisa

I protested vehemently. The car was just an accident waiting to happen. C'mon it is a mobile casket. It's just an aluminium origami with an engine.

I kindly informed mom that I would rather NOT drive (and be chauffeured around by the 'rents) than to climb into a moving origami car. Dad defended mom, extolling the benefits of a small car. Parking in a congested city would be a breeze. Yes it is a small car, but the cons far outweigh the pros.

I can be a careful driver but should a tired truck driver doze off with a ton of cargo bulldozing its way towards me at 80km per hour, I would be a squishy mush.

[Yeah I painted the 'rents a very very gruesome picture. And yeah, I was chauffeured around (till 2006) for as long as I can remember.]

Seriously, why would ANYONE produce such a car is beyond me.

Proton Kenari -- Oversteer and Understeer all in 1 vehicle

It is small, the center of gravity is too high and at high speeds, it will roll over. Remember this is not a sturdy SUV with air bags all over. This is aluminium origami. The car looks small and you may be wondering how it can even travel at high speeds. Well some owners modify the engine and race them on the highways. Tragic accidents happen. People die.

Proton Waja Crash test

People buy these cars because they are cheap. A car is just something that gets them from point A to point B. With the worrying safety climate, skyrocketing fuel prices and the limited spending power, it makes sense to get a small and affordable car.

But it is also a shame that the company churns out similar looking crap every year or so with similar features, while safety features are seriously lacking not improved. I actually feel sorry for the people. They are generally excited when a new make is released, with many opting to upgrade to the new make. I feel sorry because they actually support the company, but their loyalty is not reciprocated by the company. If you call mass production of crap appreciation, then that's all you are going to get.

How I feel towards all crappy cars is that market themselves as "economical" is apparent. They are unsafe, a road hazard and basically an engineering mistake.

That is where they belong.

I would rather NOT drive than to jeopardise my life and those of my passengers in one of these. Plus I realize that they are not going to give me a car in one of those "prove everyone wrong and put my foot in my mouth" deals.

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