Friday, November 30, 2007

Blog at course.

I have about 5 minutes before class resumes.
Attending course at Sun Training Center.
Attending a course at a shopping mall is a bad idea. Do you know Marc Jacobs has pretty dresses?
So does Ted Baker.
And there is a sale?
Keyboard sucks. Buttons are all over the place.
Manager is my lab partner so she's beside me. Can't blog, can I?
Lunch is really expensive.
Singtel is having an offer on broadband. And they are giving away Wii.

Total sh*tness because I can't make up my mind!

Ok gotta run. Manager is starting lab without me. Can't blog without getting myself fired.


Monday, November 26, 2007

On Facebook and friends.

I have a Facebook account, and I'm not exactly proud of the number of hours I spent throwing pies, buying rounds of drinks (about 112 now) and sending mysterious eggs to my friends. The thing is, acquaintances are adding me to their list, and I'm not sure I want them on mine.

-- Poke me! Rrrrrrrrrrrr

Honestly I just want to keep in contact with friends whom I am familiar with. I really don't want to include people from my class in middle school whom I don't remember talking to when I was 15. 11 years on, I don't think I am going to start talking to them now.

And my best friend when I was 14? I would love to talk to her, reminisce about our pyjama parties and sleepovers, and how she has been all these years. But she seems to NOT want to talk to me. I don't know... is it because it has been 8 years since we last met? I don't know.

Somehow I feel that for some people, Facebook and all other networking social websites are a popularity game. Suddenly we have regressed from the jaded almost 30-year olds unsuccessful worker bees to the 16-year old craving for attention and an ounce of popularity in school.

It's all a numbers game. 306 friends?! Really? What do they like? Do they like Coke or Pepsi? Do they actually know ANYTHING about all those 306 people?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The weepies and being all alone.

I am honestly in pieces. I haven't had any luck with the flat hunt and it is really bringing me down.

I am depressed at the state of things. I am not sure if it's the hormones or depression or just missing J too much, but I have been getting a serious bout of the weepies. I have crumbled into a crying heap, sometimes several times a day.

I don't know what to do.

I didn't tell J about my weepies, simply because he is away and I guess the last thing he needs is to worry about his crying girlfriend who is almost homeless. He is already losing sleep about my impending homelessness as it is.

Maybe I always cheer up when he calls, since such calls are hard to come by especially when he is at sea. I always sound too cheery for words like "I am really worried about my flat hunt" to come across as what they really mean.

Part of me wish that J were here. I know there's absolutely nothing he can do to help, but his company and hugs will. But the sensible rational part of me knows very well that he has to work so we have money for our future. That's just the way it is.

I am really worried and I don't know what to do. I feel like calling someone but I have no one to call. I'm thinking of calling mom, but I don't know if I should. I don't think getting a phone call from your crying daughter is good. =/

Somebody, help.

Raspberry red, Chanel bag and lippie.

I am still flat hunting.. no luck so far. It is getting quite depressing so here I am, writing about something entirely unrelated.

I went shopping at Southaven a couple of weeks ago and check out my new raspberry red shirt!

It is floaty plus it's in a great shade of raspberry red. I am looking tired and blah lately, so a little color is good. I bought a few things, so did my cousin and we got the membership/discount card. Yay!

It reminds me of bougainvillea too. It's sheer and it is beautiful when the shrub is in full bloom.

[Anyway my specs are irritating my ears so much that I'm even thinking about Lasik. Yeah, all that gross "look at that red dot" while they zap your eyes are secondary now. Plus, I won't squash my specs when I fall asleep with them on. Because I will be spec-less. Excellent.]

Like royal blue, I am also very much into raspberry red lately. I know this is from 2006, but god I would love this classic Chanel bag like my very own pet (I won't say child, just in case my future baby gets jealous).

I want to run my fingers along the chain! It's just too bad that I can't afford to splurge on one right now.

Stila's Lip Balm in Fraise.

I don't put on any lipstick or gloss because I find it sticky and I am never sure if I got any on my teeth when I am eating. And you need lip balm when you are in an air-conditioned office almost all your life. Trust me, lips crack even though you drink lots of water. So tinted lip balm is the best thing ever!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Inflation, bills, flat hunt and relocation.

House hunting sucks big time. Prices have been skyrocketing in Singapore and a lousy room is going for $600 (before utilities)! Sydney prices (that I used to pay) but not Sydney quality. What a load of bollocks.

Since I'm about to go broke, I am going to cut down on a lot of unnecessary expenses. No more yummy food at nice restaurants and cafes. No more shopping. I don't need that cute green dress with jewel embellished hem as much as I need to pay the bills, do I?

*Sobs uncontrollably*

As I languish in my misery, impending bankruptcy and doom, I can't help but think, why is all this happening to me?

When I was a student, graduation means getting a job, which will in turn get me money that I can spend and save. Right now, my pay is not increasing as fast as inflation. Petrol prices are killing me, I have bills due and with new expenses like rent and utilities adding to my agony, I don't know how I will ever be able to afford buying anything at all.

Why has it come to this?

I am not spending heaps on shopping or eating at pricey restaurants everyday. I don't splurge all my money on frivolous stuff. It almost feels like I'm about to go so broke that I have to ask my parents for a handout, which is not what I'm about to do. I thought the whole point of working is to NOT ask for a handout? This blows.

I am disgusted and very disappointed at how all these adulthood and job thing turn out. It is entirely different from what your parents tell you. "Work, save and by 30, you should be able to put a deposit on an apartment." Total bullshit.

Deposit on a bicycle maybe. But a $400k apartment? Wake up and smell the air of inflation, dudes and dudettes. We're lucky if we don't end up pitching a tent at the local park.

[Really. Some people in Tokyo can't afford housing, so they pitch tents at the park. Just google "tokyo + tent + park" and you'll know I'm not kidding.]

So dejected. It just doesn't make sense to stay in a company/country that only looks after its own annual profit and doesn't look out for you.

I am beginning to not accept what's been thrown at my direction. Perhaps it is time to consider relocation again.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Peacock attack.

J and I stayed on Sentosa for a few days and check out this notice.

Peacock attacks at the inhouse carpark? Excellent.


Update: 6.52pm 18 Nov 2007

I know I shouldn't be really posting half-fugged post about peacocks and carparks. But I have thrown in the towel and embraced Facebook after fighting it for a long time. And guess what? I've been throwing food at people and buying virtual alcholic goodness for my friends.

Yeah. I swear I'll try harder next post. I promise.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wedding ring, pricey, store credit and smartass replies.

I am still missing J heaps. Nothing new to update on that story.

Oh my friend Yong from primary school got engaged last Friday! I'm really happy for him. That means I'm a fantastic proposal planner. And yeah, I'm promoted to the wedding planner now. Woohoo!

Honestly, I really have no idea how guys go about preparing for the whole proposal bit. Or how they find out she's the one. I've written about this before on the Ring issue. I mean, how do you know which one to get? Some women prefer a simple ring. Just a diamond and a band. Some women want over the top blingy ones.
-- This is gonna take someone's eye out.

Urrrrgh. Fugly.

It is pricey too. After stepping into Tiffany's a couple of times to help people (ahem, You-Know-Who as well) the price tag is staggering! I feel for you, all you people out there who have to fork out a few grand for a tiny rock. I really do.

I asked the Tiffany Lady if I could go back to change the ring for another or Store Credit. Yes we can. For a ring that is of the same value or something more pricey. You just have to top up the outstanding amount. Excellent.

At least your girl has options. Imagine YOUR troubles if she hates the ring, turns down your proposal, and you my friend are stuck with a $12000 rock you have no use for. My friends are always to shy to ask about the Refund/Credit policy. Dudes! It's $12000 of real money and not your Warcraft Gold. Don't be embarass to ASK!

I was surprised to find out about the "2 to 3 months paycheck" guide. Are you kidding?! Supposed the poor fella earns $4k a month, and he feels that it's a comfortable sum to pay the bills and loans (with their combined income) and give her the life she deserves. He asks her hand in marriage, and Boom! Enters a $8k-12k ring right there.

I just feel that spending a 5 digit sum on a ring is silly. The money can go towards something useful, like paying off the home loan.

Anyway it's just a thought. Wonder why all these wedding talk? Because I have one to go to tomorrow morning at 8am. Crap.

I don't think I'm hearing wedding bells any time soon. Every time I ask the "so when are you getting down on one knee" question, I get the following:
1) are my shoelaces undone? But I don't have any laces!
2) I have a bad knee. May need more exercise to strengthen it.
3) I'm not telling you! It wouldn't be a surprise.
4) it's a surprise.
5) so when are YOU getting down on one knee?

Goddamn it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lonely, flat hunting and I miss J.

It has been slightly over a week since my burfday. And 1 week since J left for Port Moresby for his job. He was at Ghizo yesterday and as expected, there was no phone signal and I can't talk to him. It has been days.

My balloons are still sitting in the corner. All cheery and pretty. But all that cheer has not perked me up one bit. I am feeling really really lonely and upset at the minute and I wish J were here.

It is one of those times when I am lost. Today is my day off and honestly, I don't know what to do. I had trouble sleeping in, and it's not fun when you can't play "Let's Pry Your Eyelids to See If You Are Awake" game. I milled around the house, fretting about my impending homelessness after calling a few ads I saw on the papers.

-- Maccas' new Iced Latte is really quite yummy.

I am missing J a lot. Everything has lost its appeal when he's not here. I was near the shopping mall today, the one where I saw a couple of cute dresses I could possible wear to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. It's also the same mall where we went to this fantastic pasta place that makes me want to write about it. I walked to the entrance, and while the ice cool air conditioning tempted me as the sliding glass doors opened, I turned my gaze towards my apartment and walked straight home.

Even broke out my new green flip flops to cheer myself up. I got them when I was at Gold Coast, and J and I were flip flop buddies!

I just don't feel like doing anything anymore.

I'm going to view a flat tonight. It's slightly out of my budget but this is the cheapest I can find so far. Meeting a friend for dinner so he can visit the flat with me, which I'm totally grateful for.

There is nothing scarier than visiting a flat all by yourself with a stranger. God knows what may happen. I guess it's always better to stay on the safe side.

Stardust and dark fairytales.

Watched Stardust with J on my burfday.

I never did finish the book. I'm still at page 63 where Tristan mentioned something about nursery rhyme and Babylon. There are just so much details crammed into a single sentence that you have to take a minute to visualise it all before moving on to the next sentence. It is astonishing how Gaiman managed to cram it all into the thin unassuming book. Which is why I'm still not done with the ridiculously thin book.

Never judge a book by its cover. And thickness.

J's book VS mine. He finished it and I'm still weighing my options.

No matter, it is still great to see all the words come to life on the big screen.

It is a romantic tale of how a young man came to find true love. Not conventional, but dark and violent. Which fairytale isn't dark? Some old witch bent on killing you? Snow White got it bad. Brothers killing each other for the throne? Ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris and Set has got that covered.

-- You know what they say about women and shiny objects.

[From what I found from Wikipedia, according to the myth, Set murdered his brother, Osiris, out of jealousy. Horus, Osiris's son, later battled and defeated Set in a fight for the crown of Egypt.]

Yvaine, the star who fell from the sky. She's glowing almost all the time!

Which woman doesn't glow when she's in love? *rolls eyes*

I want a Babylon Candle.

The movie is different from the book on certain details. Tristan's dad has a wife and daughter, and they are not that nice to Tristan. Oh well. It is a great movie, catch it if you can or get the dvd!

Egyptian myth of Osiris and Set.
Official Stardust website

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life, et cetera.

Just a mini update of my life.

  • I'm about to be homeless. I'm looking for a flat to rent.
  • Have you looked at how much it is to rent nowadays?! $700 for a dingy little room! Frick.
  • Kind government has sent me my vehicle licence renewal notice. That's $800 for 12 mths. Double frick.
  • Not to mention the good insurance people are going to send me a notice soon. That's $2000. Triple frickity frick frick.
  • Oh, petrol prices are at an all time high. $2/litre. So I pay an extra $10-$15 every time I refuel it to full tank.
  • And for my health's sake, I intend to get jabbed with that HPV vaccine, Gardasil. For prevention of cervical cancer = $1200.
  • Pretty stressed out about being homeless/strapped for cash.
  • I'm down with the flu.
  • I heard my right ankle crunch today. It sounded like sand being crushed between the joints at my ankle. I think it's bye-bye heels till further notice.

Lordy me. I am really quite troubled these days. =(

Dress and royal blue rocks.

I got a new dress from Miss Selfridge last month (well it WAS October when I got it).

I know it just looks black and common. But it's the perfect cut and length for me. It is lightweight and has this sheer layer on top. (Bad description but I really don't know what material it is.) Wore the dress on my burfday!

-- That's my new Le Gatte Jeans dress on the right!

Yeah. That's my new hairdo. Gone are the days when I rocked the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle. I am different now! From the outside. On the inside, everything is still a bit of a mess. Not Britney Spears Trainwreck Red Alert level, but maybe Halle Berry "Oops I made a Jewish joke on national tv because maybe my pregnancy has knocked me out of my senses" level. Ha-ha and everyone forgives and forgets.

Lately the color royal blue is very much on my radar. Royal blue tops, dresses, skirts and even bags appeal to me. I've been meaning to get something in royal blue, preferably in luscious material like silk so it actually has a sheen on it. Regal!

-- A blue silk dress from Stella McCartney.

As seen on Nicole Richie on Lucky magazine some months ago.

Petit Four dress from Anthropologie in romantic voile!

-- Look at all the details!

Caspian Twilight dress from Anthropologie.

Pretty beading and details! I think it will be just fab for Christmas parties. =) Get it and thank me later.

Links: for more Trainwreck Britney.
News link for Halle's gaffe.

Rogue Wave, Eyes and my greatest hits.

I love indie music. I mean, all those posts on Deathcab for Cutie, Azure Ray, Stars and The Killers etc. It must be obvious (by now) that my music is mainly indie, mostly American with the exception of Stars (Canadian).

Yes it can get a bit sappy at times. But hey, I rather listen to sappy songs that make me swoon instead of some angry rap that makes me want to rip my ears off and kill someone. I swoon like, at least 14 times a day. I am sure swooning makes a person happy. Why else would people fall in love then?

And the latest one I am listening on repeat is Eyes by Rogue Wave. It's part of the soundtrack on the first episode of Heroes. And guess what I can't find the soundtrack anywhere. Pfft.

Rogue Wave - Eyes

Missed the last train home.
Birds pass by to tell me that I'm not alone.

Well I'm pushing myself to finish this part,
I can handle a lot,
But one thing I'm missing is in your eyes.

In your eyes

Have you seen this film?
It reminds me of walking through the avenues.

Washing my hands of attachments yeah,
I can land on the ground,
but one thing I'm missing, is in your eyes.
(Cause I find love),

In your eyes.

Wow. My gawd. The one thing he (I'm assuming it's a he and he loves me) misses is in my eyes. What's in my eyes? That would be my faithful undying love. Wow.

If I have a compilation of greatest swoonsome hits to play on sappy occasions, say a wedding, this song would definitely be in it. I'm just saying.

Friday, November 09, 2007

While J was here: My Birthday.

Because my birthday fell on a Monday and I had to work, J and I decided (well, mostly I) to have a birthday week.

Birthday week is easy. The week that your birthday falls on is your birthday week and you can do whatever you want, celebrate however your heart desire just because you say so. So you are king or in my case, Queen, for the entire week. It rocks.

We spent the weekend going to places we had never explored in Singapore. Like Fort Canning Park. We parked at the public carpark right next to the Registry of Marriage. You know, just in case the car gets broken into and all that nasty crap.

J thought I was trying to tell him something, giving him driving directions to park there. "Do we have to sign something to park here? Is that you nodding your head?" was asked when I was vehemently shaking my head. "Since we're already here, let's not waste the parking money and just sign it. It's $1/half hour you know. Parking isn't cheap. Maybe they'll validate the parking ticket."

Mumble mumble.

Fort Canning Park is a nice place to explore, if it wasn't for the sweltering heat. Taking pictures with hair sticking to your face and neck is not a good look. Fort Canning Hill used to be where Malay kings built their palaces on. Currently there is an archaeological excavation going on and it is also thought to be the resting place of the last (?) Malay king who ruled the island. History Channel freaks fans alert!

-- Gothic Gate at Fort Canning Hill.


It was my birthday on Monday. I was on morning shift and I went to work as normal, since I thought it was pretty silly to take the day off when I finished at 2.30pm.

I was pleasantly surprised when J greeted me at the door when I came back from work. J got me a nice pretty cake with candles on it! He even sang me a birthday song even though he is really not into singing. I blew out the candles and of course, I was all smiles.

-- One of those rare times where I put up a photo of me.

Balloons in my room. J spent the morning blowing up balloons, half worried that I might come back early from work and walk in on him. And so many of the silly balloons burst and I am still finding balloon bits in my room. He is so sweet. =)

I even got a present!

J got me a Legatte Jeans dress and it fit perfectly! The thing is, I don't know when I will ever have the chance to put it on? Oh well, he told me it is special because there are only 4 pieces of the dress in the whole of Australia.

Wow... dress, balloons AND cake. I'm happy.


Short vacation, grumpy and questions about airline.

J went back to work last night.

It was a last minute callup, and he couldn't say no. His company could not get enough crew so he had to go back and stand in. For the boat to leave port, they need key personnels such as the captain, first officer, all the officers and crew.

-- Yeah J has uniform like these complete with epaulets on the shoulder. No kidding. Not sure if they pose together though.

Well, technically he could say no since he was on vacation. The company would not force (can they?) him to go back. But they would have to refund/compensate the paying passengers and that figure goes into the millions. Tough choices.

Naturally I was upset when I heard the news. He was upset. And of course, I did the whole "I'm upset so I'm not speaking to you" act. For half a day or so. It sucks to get such disappointing news the very next day after my birthday. He was supposed to be in town till at least the 19th.

We're all grumpy.

We were at the airport yesterday evening, queueing at the Air Niugini counter. Who would have thought that many people would be flying to Port Moresby on a Thursday in November? It is not the school holidays yet. J was put at the very end of the aircraft. Awesome-ness.

[Honestly Air Niugini may want to review the SOP for ground staff checking in the passengers. If the standard "check in 2 hours beforehand" rule applies, please get the f%@king ground staff there 2 hours beforehand.

And what's the deal with taking off at 10.04pm when the flight was supposed to depart at 9:10pm?? They needed more time to load the baggages? Passengers couldn't make it to the gate on time? Can anyone explain this??]

Anyway I'm (still) writing posts on The Carpark, Le Apartment, dvd and movie reviews and nice places to gorge yourself silly. Oh, plus the alarming number of dresses I fell in love with over the weekend. It will be therapeutic penning my thoughts, I hope.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

While J was here: Weekend brekkie edition.

J flew over to celebrate my burfday with me. It was nice to have him around, especially when it's my burfday and things haven't been going that well in my life.

We went to East Coast Park early Saturday morning for a spot of brekkie. It was amazing to see the park crowded with families. There were lots of people walking their dogs, people rollerblading and joggers. There were quite a few tents by the beach too, must have been campers who decided to get out of the shoeboxes they live in for a bit of seabreeze.

-- East Coast Park

We settled nicely at Coffee Bean, and this was a hard decision. Scruffy Murphy's serves brekkie too and scrambled eggs, sausages and warm toasted bread with yummy jams beckoned. We would have picked Scruffy Murphy's if the place hadn't been crowded with the breakfast people.

-- Scruffy Murphy's at night. Found the photo online.

It was sweet. It has been a while since we both had breakfast together, sipping hot coffee (tea for me) while lazily flipping the pages of the newspapers. It was great to be in his company, by his side.

-- We sound like a bunch of old people, don't we?

I got breakfast in bed on Sunday. Hotcakes from Maccas! My gawd, it feels awesome to be waited on hand and foot.

Great weekend! =)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My red leather organiser.

I bought my organiser. It is not exceptionally swoonsome but I like it anyway. It is red, made out of grainy leather with ring clasp to close.

It is not the big fat ugly corporate planner companies/banks hand out every year. I got a mini ziplock pocket so I can keep a few passport-sized photos, stamps and little knick knacks. I have lots in my organiser so I'll always have something ready. =)

Friday, November 02, 2007

DVD Review: Pan's Labyrinth.

One of the best movies I have watched this year has to be Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro. It is tragic and startling, switching between fantasy and violence throughout the entire film.

A girl's imagination takes over her reality in violent times. A cruel, sadistic and authoritative stepfather. A sickly mother. The family housekeeper who has a secret.

-- Mercedes, Ofelia's housekeeper

It is about a girl named Ofelia left to her own devices as her mother is bedridden awaiting the birth of her baby. A faun, who comes across as a sinister creature right from the start, informs Ofelia that she is the princess of a kingdom. Ofelia begins her journey after she is convinced that she is the princess, and in order to return to her kingdom, she must fulfil a series of tasks.

-- Honestly, he is sooooooo sinister looking. Why would a child approach him is beyond me.

All the tasks, mythical creatures and monsters are just allegories of the reality she is in.

She believes that all will be well after she completes her tasks, saving her mother and baby brother from pain. And the suffering she is going through, is her task and her burden. Faun probably an extension of her subconscious, to further convince herself that she is indeed the princess and she has to prove herself.

-- Jeezus!!

The story comes with a sad ending. Ofelia makes the ultimate sacrifice, and her passing is the ultimate proof to herself that she is indeed the princess when she is reunited with the King and Queen as she draws her last breath. Which I see as her version of Heaven, her way of coping with death.

-- Before the thrones of the King and Queen.

Using a vivid imagination to reconcile the reality and horror of war and abuse.. you know what? It reminds me of Roberto Benigni's "Life Is Beautiful".

Not your usual fairytale and definitely not for children. Heart-wrenching and sadly beautiful. It is an amazing movie. Everyone should see it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Louis Vuitton, belted, dream skirt and luggage tag.

There was a pretty combination on display when I was out window shopping last week. It was from Louis Vuitton Fall '07 (I think) and it was beautiful. Belted dusty pink sweater with a purple-blue skirt. Guess what's on my wishlist now. =)

I love the shade of dusty pink and I think it is made out of cashmere. Wool will do just fine for me, thank you very much. And the skirt! I haven't seen any skirts in shades like this. I don't need to get them from Louis Vuitton, I just need to find similar stuff that won't break my bank.

The belted look is everywhere! Sharp Lily has one from La Redoute, and I think it is easy to carry off. Add a belt and voila!

She's so pretty.

I tried out the belted look one day for work and I must say I should have spent more time choosing a better color for my cardigan. If it wasn't for the fact that I woke up late on a cold rainy morning.

And I got the bag with the luggage tag. Love the luggage tag so much, I'm thinking of adding the tag to my other bags! I think about travelling, one of my greatest loves, every time I see a luggage tag.

The next time I'm travelling, I'm heading to Melbourne for my brother's graduation. Can't wait for December!

A380, Singapore Airlines and mile high club rejector.

My god, what do you mean we can't join the mile high club after forking out over $20 grand to get the fancy-schmancy double-bed-suite with gourmet inflight food and Dom Perignon?!

'No sex please on A380',23483,22684019-27977,00.html

"So they'll sell you a double bed and give you privacy and endless champagne and then say you can't do what comes naturally?'' Tony Elwood, who travelled with wife Julie in a suite aboard the inaugural flight, told the Times of London.

What about newlyweds being, you know, newlyweds?!?!?!?! Just pull down the blinds, close the partition door and be quiet about it. What is the big deal? Unless of course, some pesky guests open the door to chat about how excited they are to be in first class suite with you guys.

Really, Singapore Airlines. What the fish!? I think Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic will do it differently. C'mon!

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