Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feist, independent music and Stars.

Feist - 1234

Very catchy song. "Sweetheart, bitterheart"/"now I can't tell you apart" Excellent. And did you see how trippy and kitschy the music video is? Double-excellent.

[This is a sad song that sounds trippy. I don't think this goes under my "Sad as shite" list. Hmm..]

I like songs that convey a much more complex state of mind with simple words. Stars, Feist and (of course) Death Cab, they do it for me.

I'm quite happy that independent music from Canada is finally getting air time. I had a nice chat with Guillaume who is very into the independent music scene in Canada.

Interesting fun fact: Guillaume ran a small radio station on campus while he was in uni. He could only play independent music (he couldn't play any from major recording company) and of course he played only songs he liked. This ranks highly in my books, definitely.

He was surprised I love Stars and Broken Social Scene. It's great to talk to someone about them because honestly, Canadian music hasn't actually reached Asia yet.

Just like Aussie music.


Teapot said...

your chatter box died again

I'm actually toying with the idea of "buying" music online. Somehow it's very hard to justify paying $1.68 for a song that i can get or "steal" for free. But i guess i wouldn't "steal a car, or steal a handbag, so why would i steal from the artists and music companies"

I think their ad campaign is working

Feist is pretty good, i like her voice

Rach said...

i'm the old school consumer who prefers to "hold on" to a cd. the stupid thing about online music purchase is that when your harddisk dies, all your music goes to music heaven as well.

mmmm why i would steal from artists and music companies? so they would stop spending our $ on drugs. That's a good enough reason, right?

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