Monday, January 14, 2008

New favourite word, and how internet traffic monitoring at work affects my blogging frequency.

Remember my friend who got into FUBAR serious financial deep shit trouble? The one of Jerry Springer proportion?

[FUBAR has to be one of the most useful words to describe work! I have forgotten all about it until Stephen Colbert used it on his first show after the writer's strike.

-- Pig with wings? Niiiiiice.

I miss Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

You have no idea how bland life was without them on air.]

Before I digress further, the police said they will put all evidence/statement on record, but there will not be a case against him. It is a "dispute between 2 parties".

Well well well. That's not UNEXPECTED. She sounded dejected when she informed me, probably because she hoped there would be a case and the banks would get off her back. I guess she called out of courtesy because I was the one who drove her there and got her legal counsel. I think she knows I'm mad.

I guess she has to get part time job soon because I don't know who can fork out that sum of money. Good luck and soldier on.


I know I have disappeared. I mean, no post for almost 3 weeks? That's just not me, unless
  1. it's exam season (which in my case is no longer possible since I'm out of school and I'm not taking any professional qualification at the minute) or

  2. I'm down with a rare form of horrible eye disease that interferes with any hand/eye movement. The kind that feels like a red hot poker has pierced through my eye every time my hands move to my will.

God I hope this disease doesn't exist. It would suck if you have a terrible itch and you have to scratch the living daylights out of it.

Well the thing is, I do most of my writing at my workplace. I am at my creative best during working hours and I write everything before I get off from work. I just go home, add some relevant but funny as hell pictures before I post it.

But the scariest and also the most annoying thing was that I couldn't tunnel my way out of the office network. Remember, I work in a government office. Internet traffic is monitored for both security and productivity reasons. I don't think and are on the approved list of websites.

[Schadenfreude perhaps, but reading about Britney Spears going all bonkers while downing copious amounts of Starbucks perks me up. Caffeine has nothing on me. Gimme the walking woman of a freak show and I'll stay awake. Anything for her, man.]

Anyhoo, I couldn't tunnel back and my friend couldn't as well. [Geek update: We access the same server.] Our worst theory? The company has found out about our tunneling thing and has blocked the f*cking IP to rat us out. [Apparently it's against office and security policy to remote login or tunnel to anything.]

So I laid low, surfing approved websites like Google or Wikipedia (doing work research?)or something. My messenger was accessed via proxy but even then, I was nervous. God I don't want to have that "Let's discuss your work performance and explain how improves your work" with my manager.

Now that the tunneling problem is almost over (it's a server problem), I am almost back in business! Will write more once the tunneling thing is solved for good. =)

J has been here since 31 Dec 2007 and we're happy to spend time with each other. Even if we're discussing which supermarket is better for lemon shopping.

How has 2008 been treating you so far?

Perez Hilton
Schadenfreude - meaning.
FUBAR - meaning.

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