Thursday, January 24, 2008

Smurfette, plastic surgery and tacky cartoons.

The biggest bombshell of the day: I didn't know that Smurfette was created from clay by Gargamel!

And Smurfette is no angel.

"She seduces, she uses trickery rather than force to get results. She is incapable of telling a joke without blowing the punch line. She is a blabbermouth but only makes superficial comments. She is constantly creating enormous problems for the Smurfs but always manages to blame it on someone else."

Dude, isn't that Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct? Or basically every Hollywood It Girl? For more proof, please read this.

Smurfette isn't the walking blue blonde bombshell she is today if not for the extensive "upgrades" she got from Papa Smurf.

Was Papa Smurf not just the leader of the Smurfs, but also a renowned and respected plastic surgeon in his community?

So the solution to be popular and accepted is to become beautiful. If no amount of cosmetics can hide or enhance god given features, one can always turn to surgical help. This is still a cartoon meant for children, right?

-- Beauty rules.

Apparently not.

Mmmmm I reckon from all the burnt Smurfs, war and terrorism cripples the Smurf community with fear too. Just like our real world. Nothing like watching your favourite cartoon character blown to smithereens drives how "real" terrorism home.

Why can't cartoons go back to the way they were? I just want prancing ponies and rainbows and servant girls becoming princesses. I was a young child, gawking at Carebears on the telly and probably doing the Carebear shine thingy with all my teddies in a circle.

Give me back my innocence!

Smurfette and Paris Hilton are long lost twins -

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