Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Song categories, lovestruck and swoonsome songs.

I categorise my songs according to moods. "Sappy as shite", "So angsty I wanna punch someone", "I'm rocking this out" and "Lovestruck as a teenager". I'm back to my "Lovestruck as a teenager" list now.

Despite sharing similar categorizing criteria like Jason Mulgrew, I'm not him and since my iPod was effin' stolen by a bastard whom I wish has rotten man-bits by now, I haven't been able to identify my songs because I'm back to my Shufflie. I can't do the Six Songs bit here because I don't know the names of the songs I listen to.

Bah humbug.

Melee - Built To Last

It was used for an advertisement here and I have always loved the introduction to the advertisement. Assuming that it was a tv jingle, I didn't look it up on the internet until it was played on iTunes.

-- Psychedelic.

This song is in their album released back in 2007 on their Devils and Angels album. Why are they not big on the music scene? [Too generic like so many other bands?] Then again my music choices are shaped by how I feel at a particular stage in my life so I don't think my opinion should be even considered as an authority of sales in the music industry. Imagine my choices when I hit menopause. =/

Take That - Rule The World

It's "More Than Words" all over again. Swoooooooon.

Wow. They are probably going straight to my Greatest Swoonsome Hits of All Time compilation.

Childhood Fantasy 1 -
Video clip to More Than Words -
Jason Mulgrew -

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