Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soulie's wedding date and seating plan.

Yup another friend, my dear Soulie has set the date. 20-something Dec 2008.

Good for you! Dude, I don't want to keep bringing this up but I want to sit somewhere near you guys. The wedding party.

Not at the back of the restaurant/church where it's near the loo/kitchen where waft of funky smell assault my senses continually while I look on at you lovely couple exchange vows and getting all misty-eyed. I want to get misty eyes from the beautiful wedding, not fumes from god knows what. Capiche?

We are dear friends and I am so happy for you Soulie and The Wife!

p.s. Do you have a dress code? Because I may need to plan my shopping around that.

p.p.s I wrote this on 5 Jan but it's already 10 Jan. Fuck, I procrastinate too much.

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