Monday, February 25, 2008

The day I felt the earth shook in Singapore.

As I was lying on my bed, doing "research" and working on my post, my bed shook. Not in that "my neighbours were going at it and it was ground shaking" kinda way.

Tremors from an earthquake - kinda way.

Mingie felt her building move, and she's all the way in her office in the heart of the CBD. So it wasn't my neighbours. I wasn't dizzy or hallucinating from lack of snacks.

Bloody NEA didn't have any updates. Well, I'm just glad I'm not dead yet or I'll be fricking pissed off since there are so many things I have not done. I'm not about to die when J is arriving in 2 days' time.

Something funny at the NEA website.

"Remember that earthquakes do not usually kill. Buildings, tidal waves (tsunami), falling objects, stupidity and ignorance do."

Pure brilliance. You don't see that everyday, especially from a government website.

Yup it's true. There was an earthquake.

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