Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Germy apartment, packing tips and mostly procrastination.

I have been so busy lately at work, and with the moving, unpacking and cleaning - it's unreal.

It has been such a rush. The big move was in the last week of December 2007, and the flat was filthy. Till today, I just can't imagine how 2 medical students, scholars as so proudly introduced by my landlord, could live in the Cradle of Filth and breathe in all those killer germs that they learn about in medical school.

-- They have more legs than that.

And then J arrived on the last day of 2007. I was so stressed by this. I wanted to make the flat as presentable and livable when he arrived. I had to. Between de-stinking the fridge, pouring toilet cleaner down the bowl and washing all the bloody cushions and everything in contact with everything else (gawd the germs are everywhere!), I had to choose between sleep and posting here.

We know how that turned out.

And it has been almost 2 months since I've been staying here. J and I bought very few but VERY USEFUL furniture. I have a bloody sleek shoe cupboard now. But as it turns out, that bloody sleek shoe cupboard is not enough for my shoes. I still have 2 shoeboxes lying around, and flip flops in my car boot.

Oh by the way, the car boot is a FANTASTIC storage space. Just in case you haven't considered using it as much as you should.

I am proud to say that my room is cozy and livable, while small quantity (say, 4 boxes) of my belongings still sit in my living in various state of being unpacked. I don't have much storage space and I'd rather die than to throw away all my stash of backdated fashion magazines. The best compromise is to arrange them as inconspicuously as possible. Without tripping.

Despite my "best efforts", there are still boxes of crap my precious precious belongings to unpack. I'm torn between chucking away pretty paper bags and all the backdated copies of my resume. Until I figure out what to do with them (or how to arrange them so they look artsy in my humble but mostly dilapidated home), I'll NOT do anything.

Lest I upset the balance of life (and stacks of paper wobbling precariously in the corner).

Is is procrastination at its best, or creative and admirable "don't do it unless I'm giving it my best" excuse to not do anything?

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