Friday, February 01, 2008

Long distance relationship, lie and intertwined lives.

People say long distance relationships get easier with time. What absolute bollocks.

It hurts when you say your goodbyes at the airport. Each time hurts much more than the last. The entire world comes to a screeching halt. You wonder how you are going to deal with the pain and void, and you spend the rest of the week just... existing.

I guess as time goes by, the relationship develops and it changes from "just dating" to "more than just dating". People get closer and their lives are more intertwined. You meet his friends, and now they are your friends too. You meet his family, and now you are included in the Christmas shopping list.

You are no longer just you. You are now, the 2 of you.

-- Banksy's Jack and Jill

I guess as time goes by, the dust has settled and you are comfortable with each other. I know I can wake up and walk around with pouffy hair and J will still hang around. We are just happy to spend time together. We are still excited over a simple lunch date.

-- Little did Prince Charming knew that he was getting Snow White AND all 7 of the dwarves. And all the woodland creatures.

How does an increasingly tightknit/close relationship get easier when one leaves is beyond me.

"Things get easier and you'll get used to it."

It doesn't. I'm still not used to it. I fold away his laundry but he's not here physically. His belongings are still lying around the place. His boat books are still sitting on my shelf. But he's not here.

How will it ever get easier?

-- Look who's the one who went shopping.

We didn't do touristy stuff this time, more on boring things like grocery shopping. [Although we really have to visit the Night Safari next time.] I really enjoyed the whole domestic bliss thing we've got going here. If he remembers the special orange juice (with pulp!!) I like, he must love me right?

Oh, he cooks and cleans (somewhat). So I'm very convinced I have great taste in men.

Back to long distance relationship.

Mmmm I think I'm a magnet for complicated relationships. 3 long distance relationships. 3 different nationalities. 3 different time zones. Sheesh!

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