Thursday, February 21, 2008

Major financial commitments, handouts, dubious "free lunch" and Avenue Q.

2008 started off with major financial commitments. Like friggin rent and bills and my friggin car costing me my first home, my first child and then some.

-- I have childish drawings.

I have seriously cut back on shopping. No more "wooo it's so luscious I bet I'll look so pretty in it and all my troubles will melt away" shopping, or "God, this is so unfair/life sucks so much so let me get this [insert object of affection] to balance out all the bad karma in my life, pleeeeeeeease?" shopping.

Withdrawal symptoms. Kicking in any minute now.

Everyone (outside of US of course. I'm sorry fellas in US about your subprime crisis. Rest assured it will hit us VERY badly soon.) seems to think that the economy is fantastic. The government is giving out handouts "Yay for our 2007 economy" bonuses to every citizen.

As an outsider, I am not sure if I'm just jealous or really really skeptical. I am pretty sure inflation, rise in GST, rise in income tax, rise in petrol, rise in everything else except your pay is going to be on the table soon. There is NEVER a free lunch. If they give you a dollar, they will MOST DEFINITELY 100% "CUT MY HEAD OFF IF IT DOESN'T HAPPEN" take $2 back.

-- Indeed.

In a currency more valuable than their own, say euros.

As Avenue Q proudly sang it, it sucks to be me. Go watch it. Still playing at Wynn Las Vegas I think (apparently not according to Wikipedia). Best holiday ever (read bits of it here).

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Avenue Q (wiki)- Avenue Q's Wikipedia entry

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