Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 Things Men Don't Know About Women - Part 1 has an interesting feature on 10 Things You Don't Know About Women.

They get famous celebrities to write a 10 things men don't know about women. I reckon I can do better since I have way more than 10. I have to keep it as wholesome as possible because some of my family members read this. Word gets around. I don't like it when word gets around and gets twisted. I don't like the world to know what I know. is proud to present "10 Things Men Don't Know About Women - Part 1".

  1. We don't like the world to know what we know. What we portray, that's the version you get. The moment we curse like a sailor in front of you despite of our carefully crafted, polished and virginal image you have come to know and love, it means we love you enough to blow our own cover. Welcome to the Circle of Trust.

  2. Us singing in the car is cute. You farting in the car isn't.

  3. Make that expelling gas anywhere that hasn't got good ventilation (i.e. between the sheets) is just bad manners. And no it doesn't mean "we're comfortable with each other".

  4. Sometimes we really wish you'd plan a great day/evening out before picking us up after work. We are mentally worn out and our brains can't work anymore. This earns you brownie points.

  5. Telling us we should consider exercise = you losing brownie points. We are just lazy comfortable about ourselves.

  6. PMS sucks. P means Pre, Post and most likely Permanent. We think we're pregnant one second, and then we go all sore and grumpy for days. Before you shrug our discomforts off, you try bleeding nonstop for a week.

  7. We are constantly paranoid that there's someone else. Tell us you love us. Or there's someone else to stop us from going mad. Because we will just get angry instead of insane. That's one less emotion. It shortens your pain too. Just think of it as a bandaid.

  8. You cooking for us = major brownie points, Boy Scout! Just don't leave the disaster zone of a kitchen to us. It's supposed to be a whole package aww-you're-so-sweet for us.

  9. We love it when you clean up after us and yourself. It means you are man enough to take care of us.

  10. You know when we fight? Be a man and come talk to us. Yes we may scream or sulk or ignore the living crap out of you, but we really want you to make the first move.

Esquire's 10 things - 10 Things You Don't Know About Women.

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