Saturday, March 29, 2008

Disheartened, team work and office full of jackasses.

I am very disheartened at work.

Since the start of the year, my team merged with another after my team leader left. The idea of merging 2 teams was ok with me, until incompetence and bitchiness (coming from men!! The ultimate backstabbers.) drove me to the brink of resignation.

My little team has become the helpdesk/telephone operator "he's not as his desk, please call back later" for the whole team.

We are engineers and analysts, not your fucking secretary who takes messages for you.

Team work means helping each other. So far it has been me helping them take phone calls. Helping them with their rotation. But no one is helping me with my team's projects. Team work should work both ways, and not a one way traffic courtesy of Rach who is probably chained to her desk because jackasses just won't pick up calls, or has ninja-ed out of the office.

There was a training for Sun application server 9.1 this week but my little team wasn't informed. So the whole team went, except for us, bewildered why the office was empty on Monday morning.

We are not mad at the fact that the course didn't include us, because maybe if God willing, we'll be able to attend the next class. I'm just friggin' pissed off about why we are not kept in the loop.

Why we were left behind.

If the management throw the "team work - let's help one another" thing at me, they can go f*ck themselves. Or each other.

I am very dejected with work at the minute. I feel like saying "f*ck your sense of superiority if you think your project is more important than mine. I'm quitting. I'm getting married. I'm relocating to Australia where the sky is so blue I get lost looking at it. Since you think my projects are easy compared to yours, you do it. Good bye. And hello Surfers Paradise."

No I'm not going to wear a puffy monstrosity with a dead peacock stuck to my head. And no I'm not actually getting married yet because someone hasn't asked.

I like my job, but i hate my colleagues, especially my team leader. Such a tool. At the workplace, dimwits and jackasses are everywhere. But to have a team that's 80% jackasses, God must be testing me.

He must be. It must be one of those "survive these tribulations and ye shall be rewarded". You definitely have a quirky sense of humour, You Omnipotent One.

Alanis Morissette is God.

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