Thursday, March 20, 2008

Frolick and my lactose intolerance.

I had walked past Frolick a few times and said to myself "I have to try this mysterious yogurt JUST BECAUSE of the youthful design of the stall". Every single time.

[I mean, high tables and flimsy stools can't be for old folks right? It's not posturepedic!]

-- 10 bucks says the table will fly when a freak storm hits.

But every single time, I'd overeat at some other restaurants and skip this dessert because I'd probably burst if I take another mouthful.

[I was actually pretty concerned about taking a whole cup of yogurt, since I'm friggin lactose intolerant. Yeah, sad little girl who can't take Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

Guess what, Lactose Intolerance? I will eat ice cream and yogurt and all the yummy dairy products out there till I get over you!!!! *swears revenge*]

Not this time! I ordered Cup A (ooooh how cheeky! I'm implying I'm .. never mind.) just in case the yogurt tastes like crap squeezed out of a machine.

-- I get a badge !

At first sight I was skeptical. White swirly creamy thing in a cup. What if it's plain? What if it's plain .. disgusting?

To be on the safe side, I ordered blueberry toppings, which I hope would drown out whatever evil foul-tasting concoction of puree cow fudge I just bought. Just in case. Toppings come at $1 each.


It was surprisingly ok. Looks like soft serve from Maccas but a whole lot less sweet. Just the way I like it. It tastes like yogurt but melts a lot faster. Nothing fantastic. Totally meh. But since they hand out cheeky but totally adorable pins with every purchase, I might come back if I need cheeky badges to brighten up my day. Cheap thrill.

Then again, maybe not.

The 2 girls manning the stall were absolute rubbish. Somehow I think they chose to work there to be seen. Oh puh-lease. You are the yogurt girl. Attend to your customers and stop adjusting your skinny belt on your very tiny short shorts.

Teenagers. Pfft.

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