Monday, March 31, 2008

Prison Break, terrorist and trouble with wondering out loud.

I survived an earthquake in February. Now I can proudly say "I survived an earthquake and a terrorist jailbreak".

A month ago, a terrorist escaped from the detention center and he has been on the loose since. Orange alert from Interpol. The works.

Security forces comb forests off KJE, Labrador Park for JI fugitive

The guy has a limp. Most probably in prison garb. And he managed to limp out of the detention center without being caught. Now beat that, Prison Break.

The man's escape has caused lots of inconvenience for people on the island state. Thorough checks for every single vehicle is causing severe traffic congestions. Military and immigration personnel are in bullet-proof vests. It looks like everything is on high alert. Like post 9/11.

Singapore says no evidence Mas Selamat fled to Indonesia

Despite all assurances, I wonder if the gimpy guy has made his way back to Terrorist Haven. It has been a month and there isn't anything much on the news. If he is, he must be snickering at all the silly checks in place right now after his escape. Evil people snicker, like Stewie Griffin.

In other conspiracy related news, it is also speculated that he has kicked it.

[For reasons such as me trying not to get arrested for any drawing or writing that imply things that may or may not be true, I won't be spelling words in their entirety. You know, so it's more of your interpretation. Of sorts.]

I wonder if I'll get into trouble for wondering. Internal Security fellas, I mean no harm. I just think a lot.

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