Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recent election.

There was an election held recently and I didn't vote. I don't think I even registered.

-- What's a trapdoor doing there?

Quite a few people had some things to say about the recent election. They were quite riled up, and the word "passionate" immediately came to mind. I will not use words like "passionate" to describe people who exercise their rights to elect the next Cabinet to rule the country. It was a "follow the crowd" mentality for some. I hope they followed the right crowd.

Personally I'm apathetic towards the political scene of my birth country. I hardly spend time there, I can't sing my national anthem and frankly, I'm not ashamed. If patriotism were measured by how well a person can sing his national anthem, and how many little flags he has planted all over his car, then I don't want to be one of them.

I am a demoralised citizen. I see unjust distribution of resources and biased opportunities presented to people who didn't have to work for them on the basis of race. There is no meritocracy. And there is no way such an entrenched practice encouraged, well let's just be honest here shall we, ENFORCED for a good decade or more be eradicated for the good of the entire nation.

What is the point of voting? To many, it is the power to choose the lesser of 2 evils. It is the power to remove an incumbent leader bringing a nation to an unavoidable and quick downfall.

But who will be the replacement? Is there even a replacement? Can we settle when we choose the leaders of the country?

I want to be the citizen of a country who treats every citizen fairly. I want places in university to be available to everyone based on academic merit. I want a country where religious freedom is respected. I want a country where career opportunities are open to all who qualifies. I want a country who wants progress and is willing to work hard for it.

-- I know who to vote for.

My birth country has rich resources and the possibilities are limitless and I believe it will move forward under the right leadership. To see a country divided by race and religion, and how a 130% voter turnout is considered normal and is still not enough to get the elections declared null, it is just another insult to us as citizens.

I remain demoralised.

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