Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jabba and the (possible) Cylon.

I am alive, in case you are wondering.

I haven't posted in a long time, even though I have completed posts saved as draft. I could have, but work has been such a giant b*tch and I just couldn't be bother posting something cheery and chockful of unicorn goodness when I feel genocidal.

-- What happens when a horse and a traffic cone get together.

That would be hypocritical. And that's one thing I won't stand for, even though I may be a cowardly little wimp who doesn't stand up for herself.

I want to scream but I have no voice. Partly because I'm down with flu and sick like there's no bloody tomorrow.

The past few weekends have been a major clusterf*ck at work. There were hardware upgrades to a few machines, and major changes on a bigger scale, say the entire effin' datacenter.

My team leader is probably good technical-wise but when it comes to running a team, he has got to be one of the crappiest. I think both G.W. Bush and him should enrol in some leadership classes. And his Good Guy Rating is at best, undecided.

He is one of those guys who nods all the time in the meeting. When he doesn't agree with something, he swallows his words and just soldier on. He smiles at you when he thinks you are looking in his direction. But he is also the same guy who doesn't send you to courses for reasons only he knows about. Oh and he also leaves you out of a team meeting.

Threat Category: Possible Cylon.

Clunky, shiny or just hot?

Cylon didn't organise or plan anything for the hardware upgrades. Not inform anyone in the team about the upgrades and restarting of machines. [Restarting of machines in our environment is a pretty big thing, since there is always a chance that those damn things won't start up after you shut it down.] Phone calls everywhere and no one knew what his role was in the grand scheme of things (i.e. this bloody upgrade).

Oh, Jabba tendered his resignation last Thursday. So I guess I'm running low on Jabba stories. =/

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