Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My tv is a huge monitor.

I may have discovered Heaven. And all I did was to hook up my computer to my telly.

-- Erm... testing with a .avi file of a popular teenage-ish tv series .

Isn't she a beauty?

Now I can watch all 18 seasons of The Simpsons on a big screen in all its yellowy goodness. And gigantic YouTube clips on my telly.

And all it took was a S-Video -> RCA cable and 2 trips to the electrical store. J and I got a VGA cable because the salesman said "oh sure, all LCD tellys have VGA input. It will work."

Which was why we had to make a second trip because "no, silly salesman, my LCD telly doesn't have a VGA input".

Silly salesman and 2 drives later, I can now sit back on my bed and watch YouTube clips. Yay!

The other thing that bothers me is all the friggin unsightly cables hanging EVERYWHERE.

I have consoles, DVD player and all kinds of wires behind the telly. I think one fine day, it's going to burst into flames and engulf most of my worldly (and expensive) belongings, making me a sad sad person.

-- Think Hindenburg. But indoors.

For everyone who wants to enjoy YouTube on your telly, here's the dummy guide for it.
  1. Plug in the S-Video end to your computer/laptop.
  2. Plug the RCA end to your telly (those red, yellow and white thingies)
  3. (Assuming you are using Windows XP) Go to Desktop, right click -> Properties. You should be at Display Properties.
  4. Select Settings -> Advanced.
  5. Select Display and set your telly to be the primary monitor.

[The last step makes anything playing on your Windows Media Player, display on your telly. Otherwise you'll just get a black screen, which drove me mad for quite a bit till I Google-d how to resolve it.]

Sit back and enjoy. And you may send your gratitude in cash/email/praises/respect.

Hindenburg - Wikipedia entry
Forum 1 - Find out how to set telly to primary monitor.


Sleepy Scott said...

So you sit on your bed and watch YouTube clips and the Simpsons on your telly? Sounds like fun.

Since I don't have a large tv to suspend over/near my bed, I guess I must settle for living vicariously through you.

Have fun!

Rach said...

yes it sounds like lots of fun. But at the same time a wee bit pathetic. =/

mmmmm my telly came from my very first paycheck. Greatest feeling in the world to buy something with my own money =)

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