Saturday, May 03, 2008

I need to get away.

I need a holiday. Even if it's a short getaway.

A getaway from work, family, ridiculous people, terrible traffic and monotonous city life.

We were very fortunate to have a mini holiday in Palma in 2006. The yacht J was on was undergoing a refit there so I flew over for a mini break. One of the best holiday ever.

Now that I'm poor as hell (stupid rent and stupid car), I don't think jetting off to Europe is a great idea. I'm not unreasonable. Southeast Asia will do.

I feel like looking at the blue skies in Australia. Or skiing in Aussie since winter is coming in 2-3 months' time. Or an island getaway. Bali sounds nice.

I just need to go somewhere. Away from it all.


Sleepy Scott said...

Good luck with your getting away. Australia sounds like a wonderful break.

Like you, I'm much too poor to go on any adventure right now, so I'm stuck here in the middle of nowhere.

Rach said...

Being poor blows.

I have to go.. somewhere. The smell of garbage gone bad in the sun wafts into my kitchen (I'm on the 5th floor) on Sunday evenings because the cleaner is not here.

Terrible conditions indeed.

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