Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Insurance companies just want my money.

I renewed my car insurance policy over the phone today and it has been a horrible experience.

Insurance premium is supposed to go down every year should you not wrap your car around a pole.

Guess what? The good insurance people said there has been an overall increase in premiums across the industry. And since GST (goods & services tax) went up by another 2%, the rise in insurance premium is justified.

That just means whatever difference we're supposed to be saving everytime we renew with the company, it is going to be taken back. And there's nothing a consumer like us can do about it.

The Man giveth, and taketh away.

Who has ever heard of premiums going up every time you renew it? It's all a bloody gimmick and I hate you, AIG.

I left a message with the insurance company (AIG) because all their "service operators" were "currently busy and unavailable". Some guy called me, offered to renew my insurance, and tried to con more of my hard-earned money to buy another "homeowner policy" that will even protect me as a renter. (Total bollocks!) I gave him my credit card details and was told the company will send me a copy of my policy shortly.

2 hours later, a lady from the same insurance company called, trying to "help" me renew my policy with them. I was bamboozled. I mean, didn't I just leave credit card details 2 hours earlier? Had I been conned? If I hadn't, does it mean that AIG is a crappy company who doesn't keep track of who's calling policyholders and transactions?

In my serious (and probably sternest) voice, I told her to check with her colleague and call me back because I want to know if it was just a simple mistake. Or a conman trying to swipe $2100 dollars out of my account.

It has been 5 hours and no one called.

This blows. Thank you, cruel world, for letting me know my place as a consumer.

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Toronto life insurance broker said...

Sorry for your bad experience. I am dealing life insurance in Canada and I can say you, this is extremely competitive field for insurance companies and I don't think other insurance fields are much different. Companies are trying to pool the risk as much as possible (and make profit of course), but to keep the lowest premiums possible, just to be first and have he most customers. You said you hate AIG, why not to try somebody else if you are not satisfied?
Best wishes,

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