Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm inconsistent and Jabba's last day.

I know I suck at being consistent when I've made up my mind and actually posted stuff almost daily for almost a week, and suddenly disappear like a irresponsible teenage boy when he finds out his 16 year old girlfriend is pregnant with his spawn.

I apologise.

Work suck more than usual. A few initiatives, though well-meaning, were poorly planned and landed in my lap. So in the end, I am cleaning up someone's mess. I have 2 weeks to make sure 1600 people have brand new spanking email accounts come June 1 when they report for work. And 1 month till some engineer attempts to test the limit of my new machine till it breaks down.

Awesome-ness in a box.

-- from

I know most people are lost, but I'm just trying to put it as non-technical as possible. In my organization, we test the living daylights out of every frigging thing before we go 'live', i.e. available for mass consumption. We have a new machine and the plan is to test if it will explode when 50,000 people login all at once.

I work 12 hour days and it's beginning to wear me down. I can't sleep, and I cough uncontrollably in public.

It was Jabba's last day today.
Jabba came to work at 11am even though office hours were from 9.30am onwards. I guess he didn't give a crap anymore, since it was his last day. The team leader didn't offer to take him and the team for a farewell lunch. I didn't know whether to be relieved or appalled.

-- They should put this in all cholesterol patients' kitchen.

Jabba went to the cubicle behind mine, gloating about his new job and how busy and important he would be. Apparently his new job is paying better than this one, and he thought his skill set would be put to much better use. Oh, not to mention he would most probably be promoted to a senior consultant position within the year should things go well since the management there would not 'let talent go undiscovered'.

Brag much? Bragging while putting down current management in the office on his last day. Classy.

-- Sprinkles!

He left at 3pm, leaving behind a half-eaten pastry on his desk while his desktop proudly displayed a Nazi flag. I don't know whether to be relieved or disgusted.

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