Thursday, May 22, 2008

My family versus my boyfriend - Round 287.

I am actually planning a mini vacation (1 week!) with J.

Things that could go wrong pre-vacation
  1. I haven't booked our flights.
  2. Our hotel.
  3. Confirm a date. This is mostly me.

See, we're planning to go away for a little in oh I don't know, 2 weeks' time. And it is smack right in between my dear Aunt's anniversary. I go by the normal calendar while the older folks want to go by the Chinese calendar. It turns out that the dates are a week apart.

[Chinese customs and young less traditional Asians like me collide have our differences. In many parts of the world, locals observe 2 calendars. One that's the same as the rest of the world and the other based on lunar/Aztec/extraterrestial cycles.]

I miss my Aunt so very much and I wouldn't want to miss this. So right now I'm juggling both filial piety and love. Just like some cheesy overproduced Hong Kong drama script.

An Asian girl who is 'too modern' by her traditional family's standards, returns nearer to home after finishing Uni against her wishes. She falls in love with a Caucasian man whom the family thought highly of when he (sort of) worked for them. They are (almost) living together in secret. Her family objects violently and she is torn between her family and love.

Will they convince them? Will the family accept them?

I'm pretty sure my life story would sell like hotcakes.

Oh I haven't informed mom I'm going on a vacation (which I have yet book). Mom is so going to flip again.

[I know most of you are going, "why do you have to tell her anyway?"

Because she's my mom and I'd rather she know I'm overseas than find out from someone else. Like that time when I went to Spain behind her back and she went through my passport, questioning me about why there was a immigration stamp in Frankfurt. Obviously, we haven't really been on chummy terms since.

We're at best, polite.

Which I think, sucks for a parent-child relationship.]

Family versus love. Indeed.

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