Monday, June 30, 2008

10 Things Men Don't Know About Women - Part 4.

  1. We like manly man who knows handy tips such as fixing a leaky tap, changing a light bulb and filling up gas in the car tyres. Not the eternal man-child who can't help around the house and gives a blank stare when the halogen bulb needs fixing.

  2. Your little moves make us smile. Most of the time.

  3. Petty men who won't let things go and scowl, say 6 hours after some lady jump queue at 7-11 during his morning paper run, make us think twice. The man is either extremely petty or has some sort of anger issues. Life is way too short to spend 6 hours scowling at some inconsiderate woman.

  4. We love it when you call. This does not apply when you drunk dial at 3am.

  5. It is not that astonishing when we enjoy sports, cars and science fiction. =)

  6. Women hate being belittled by men. We really hate it when someone says "she's bad at computers/ driving/ math/ science because women are bad at it."

  7. We do soooooo many things to look the way we do. It doesn't come naturally and we don't want you to see it. If we lock ourselves in the room for prolonged period of time, we are most probably doing those things. Try not to come in, and knock 30 minutes later if we are still not out.

  8. We just may tell little white lies to make you feel good. Just like how you said our bums are not big in those jeans.

  9. First impression counts. The arrogant show-off will get attention. The bad kind. The scruffy guy will get attention. The "how long has he gone without a shower" kind. Neither will lead you anywhere.

  10. We love it when you go shopping and pick out outfits for us. We really do. The clothes you pick are.. interesting.

    -- Very interesting choice indeed.

    We just don't share the same fashion sense as you do. We still love you. Honest!

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