Thursday, June 05, 2008

Indecisiveness - Why government sucks.

Case study #816349: Why government sucks

(Some time on Wednesday)
  • Decided NOT to sell subsidised fuel to foreigners.

  • Decided NOT to sell any fuel to foreigners 50km of the border.

  • Decided to brand the working class 'whiners and betrayers' because businesses along the border rely on overseas visitors. It is only 'patriotic' to NOT sell fuel to foreign cars because you are saving the country money.

[With more foreigners not to visiting the country thanks to the alarming crime rate, how can locals pay their own bills and buy 'subsidised' fuel? The way I see it, crime rate is going to go up, along with inflation.]

(Maybe Friday)
  • Decided to shelf plans till next working day for "further analysis on how to cut back on subsidies"

  • Decided to withdraw plans to NOT sell fuel to foreigners

  • Decided to sell fuel to everyone.
  • Decided to do away with subsidies altogether and decided to be a jackass and hike up petrol prices by f*#king 40%.

And you wonder why I don't register to vote? Because of a fukked up government that changes its mind like a spoilt petulant child.

Petrol price up 40.6% - link

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