Thursday, June 19, 2008

My neighbour's flat smelled funky and our routine.

It's the 5th day since I got back from Bali and I must say I'm still pretty chill on the personal life side of things. Go to work, lunch, movies, friends. Rinse and repeat.


Can't say the same for work since I just worked 3 hours of overtime today.

There is a huge inertia on the writing front after the vacation. Perhaps it is the lack of internet access (I didn't bring my computer, unlike J. And I wasn't about to pay for crappy wifi.) for an entire week, so the whole process of typing a draft, editing and looking for pictures and links is just tooooooo labourious at the minute.

I am lazy. I know.

Then again I didn't spend a lot of time at home or online since I got home. Mostly because I wasn't left with many options.

I walked out of the lift the day I arrived home, a foul smelling odour hit me like a brick. It was either a terrible fart left by someone who just let it go outside the lift, or someone had mixed rotten eggs into the concrete walls. It lingered.

I held my breath and ran to my door, probably going blue in the face while I unlocked all the 13 locks on my 2 doors. While I ran past the other flats, I saw one of the neighbours had monks in their living room, chanting. And the smell came from their flat. I thought it's not that strange to have monks in the flat, maybe they just got spiritual or they were having religious ceremonies.

I couldn't stand sitting in the living room since the friggin evening breeze brought the 'scent' into my flat. I locked all my 16 locks, and retreated back into my room with the air-conditioning, and lighted essential oils to mask the putrid horror. J and I watched that Narnia Prince Caspian movie on DVD, and pretty much stayed in our impenetrable room.

[Yes the movie is currently showing in the theatres and not on DVD. You may jump to any conclusion now.]

I think the monks stayed for 2 days at my neighbour's flat because the smell went away on Tuesday. Thank gawd. I wonder if it's the holy oil/whatever it is they sprinkle in the flat that smells funky, or was it just the monk soap/clothes. Yikes. Guess I'll be getting kungfu kicks if they found out about my speculation on that source of stench smell.

For the next 2 days, J picked me up after work and we went to the movies 2 days in a row to escape the stench.

J has gone back to work and we are more or less settled in our living arrangement. He goes to work and comes back at the end of his swing, which makes it every 3 weeks. I will go to work like clockwork although I must say I pretty much suck at punctuality.

I'll make use of my time to meet friends, visit family, write stuff here and read my girly fashion magazines. I clean the flat. When J comes back, we'll switch back to couple-y things like him doing the laundry and cooking dinner while I glide around the house checking Facebook or putting down my order for dinner.

We are very happy. I guess this is pretty much us. =)

How has your life been for the past week?

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