Friday, June 27, 2008

A non-apology apology.

Lloyd asked if I was mad at him because I ignored him throughout the entire meeting. He apologized if he had offended me.

I wonder if he's just dense or he's pretending nothing happened.

I'm pretty ok now and I have stopped staring death rays at him. I have stopped ignoring his emails because it's unfair to my team mates who have to follow up with the work Lloyd and I do. But it seems strange to me that someone would apologise for something he doesn't know about. I don't even need an apology from him, since it's just something you move on from.

Would you accept an apology from someone who doesn't know what he did wrong?

A non-apology apology.

Non-apology apology - Wikipedia


Sleepy Scott said...

Of course! It will be good karma for you to forgive Lloyd.

Like most of us men, Lloyd doesn’t have a clue what he has done wrong. He is genetically wired to be inept in this way.

So take pity on poor Lloyd. As a bonus, you’ll feel better about things because of your good deed.

Rach said...

mmm consider him forgiven.

i'm no longer mad at him nor the world, so is an apology still needed?

thanks for reading =)

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