Sunday, June 29, 2008

Self confidence that I was supposed to have.

I was out and about in town this weekend. I was getting so bored, and most of all lonely cooped up in my little cage of an apartment. That's when I decided to catch up with friends.

It was great to see them, but at the same time I felt out of place.

I was surrounded by teens and people in their early twenties. They are dressed up. Make up, hairdo, well-coordinated accessories and clothes to achieve that "I just put those on" look when in fact, much planning had gone into it.

I was in a polo t-shirt and an old skirt. Without makeup, polished hair and well-coordinated accessories. I have never really been an advocate for makeup, because slathering a cake of makeup isn't exactly good for your skin in my opinion. My skin is bad enough, and I don't need colored chemicals to make it worse.

But I feel so.. blah. I either looked slovenly like I don't give a crap about my appearance, or I have terrible dress sense. I feel like I was back in high school and my self-confidence that I am supposed to accumulate with age and wisdom has just plummeted to a new low.

I can't believe all it took was teenage girls and their makeup to blast my self confidence to pieces. This blows. =(

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