Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sex and the City and the KFC smuggler.

It was 7.40am and I was munching on my overnight chicken wrap from KFC. It was meant to be dinner in the cinema while I watched Sex and the City but I decided to just survive on mash instead because I am too clumsy to eat anything in the dark.

-- I want my own Fab Four!

[I figure throwing out a perfectly good $5 overnight chicken wrap from KFC is an absolutely crime. I'm one of those people who packs unfinished food home in restaurant. It's perfectly edible, no?]

Yes. I smuggled KFC for 2 into the cinema for Sex and the City. J's face was mixed with incredulity and maybe a wee bit of awe. Guess I win hands down in the shopping category and I do not foresee any argument on "why I need another bag" for some time.

"Why do I need a new bag you ask? To smuggle food into the cinemas silly!"

And probably in the yet to be defeated "Best thing my girlfriend has done for me" category. I smuggled KFC for 2 into the cinema. For him. He got KFC mash, Zinger burger and Coke while sitting through 2.5 hours of cheesy chick flick instead of crappy Twisties and popcorn like everyone else. I think I deserve the win.

Verdict on the movie?
Sex and the City - Quite good, a bit of a guilty pleasure. Could do with a wee bit of editing because 2.5 hours is just too long for a romantic comedy.

-- mmmmmmmmmmm...

I felt all tingly with girly excitement after looking at all the pretty clothes, bags and shoes on the girls. I guess in your 20s, life is about labels and love if you can afford it. Like my pre-rent days. I still remember my aim of saving enough to afford a Chanel bag, and I wonder if I should 'divert' my savings from "My First Home" to "My First Chanel Bag". J won't be pleased, nor surprised to hear of this.

Don't think it'll fit KFC for 2. Maybe a very well-wrapped burrito will fit.

If I can't get a Chanel Bag, maybe a pearl necklace/DVF wrapdress/cocktail dress will do.

Sigh... I miss shopping.

[I'm starting to get shallow again.]

Sex and the City - Official movie website
Chanel - Official website
Diane von Furstenburg - Official website

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