Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The story of twenty-somethings.

Young New Yorkers Make a Brand New Start of It, On the Cheap
-- Cara Buckley
Published: May 25, 2008


Perhaps the story of twenty-somethings resonate with everyone, because I am one of them. It is a struggle to make a living, have a life and some savings on the side in the city.

It is the story of every twenty-something who is trying to start all over the world.

Rent, utilities bills, food, transport and not to mention medical insurance and the occasional visit to the GP for the odd bout of sniffles cost money. And to people who are starting out, every bit counts.

We've moved out of the nest so all the comforts of home like air conditioning and hot cooked food at the end of the day really go out the window. Mom and Dad no longer give handouts, and with starting salary of about $2500 a month, times are hard.

We forget about the dry crisp air in our air conditioned rooms. We ration air conditioning. We turn it on when we're about to sleep and turn it off 1 hour before we get out of bed. Every bit counts.

We forget about the food on the table. We're thankful for a hot cooked meal at the end of the day. There are only that many days a week we can go to Maccas for dinners. We do homecooked meals now, and 1 pot wonders (everything goes) are out speciality. Fancy and delicious dinners at our favourite Italian/Japanese/Spanish are fast becoming birthday treats rather than a daily option.

-- Farewell, my favourite restaurants!

We forget luxuries like shopping and brand name products. We don't actually need $50 moisturisers (with luscious ingredients like rare seaweed or mushrooms to delay aging or something) anymore. We don't need fashionable clothes nor shoes nor flashy new phones with functions we hardly use nor another LV bag because "it's so cute". We only go out if we're an inch from dying of boredom at home because every trip outside of home means more cost for us.

So, it doesn't really seem so strange to have pre-game drinks. Nor is it strange to have lunch at that cafe that sells in crazy big portions so we can takeaway the other half we can't finish. Nor is it unusual to stop indulging ourselves with a Starbucks venti coffee because it is beginning to not make sense to pay for a $7 dollar coffee.

-- Farewell, my daily java fix!

I guess that just means we're growing up.

Young New Yorkers Make a Brand New Start of It, On the Cheap- article link

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