Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am miserable.

J has gone back to work last night and my brother has flown off to China for a business meeting this morning at the ungodly hour of 6.30am.

In a span of 2 days, I'm all alone in my flat. And that's 2 long drives to the airport.

The flat is empty and I find myself a little lost and lonely. Plus, I haven't been in the best mood since last week due to some problems. I feel constantly plagued by my paranoia. I don't like not knowing what's going on. It throws my little world off balance and I can't help but think the very worst. I have confided in J but being my problem, there is absolutely nothing he can do to help. And he has left for work.

Absolutely miserable. =(

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Me-time and my writing style.

J has finally succumbed to the social behemoth that is Facebook.

After much cajoling from me and his sisters, he got one on Friday. Due to the nature of his career, J is away in some foreign exotic islands most of the time and being away for most of the year does not bode well for relationships friendships.

[I struck out 'relationships' because that's jinxing my luck with men. I'm too tired and hermit-like to go out and meet new people.]

J's friends are all over the world so they don't meet a lot. J spends his off time here on the little island-state with me so he doesn't see his family or his 4 sisters. It's good that they can keep up with one another's lives on Facebook and send unwanted 'pokes' and gifts everyday out of sibling-ly love.

Now that he's occupied with Facebook like a child with a new toy, I have some me-time. Which is ironic, since I'm still writing about him during my me-time. Then again, I don't plan what comes out when I type. I don't think I ever planned my posts, unless it is something I feel strongly about. So you can either get a list of stuff I realised after watching a movie, or my ever so inexplicable fascination with fickle fashion. I just keep going until it's time to Google for appropriate pictures for the post.

Utterly random.

What's your writing style like?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brief update.

It is pretty obvious when I haven't been posting, or putting the usual amount of effort into my writing.

J is here and we're pretty much busy with the whole "who's doing the laundry" and "what's for dinner" thing. And then there are the lunches and dinners with my friends because they want to meet J. Including that 1 dinner with his former employer.

All will resume pretty soon, next week I guess when J goes back to work. He isn't having the best time at work because the company is putting cost savings above safety. J isn't happy about having casualties onboard and being responsible for them when the company won't cough up the money to get things fixed.

I have been giving much thought to the 10 things series, but from men's point of view. It hasn't been going well, obviously, or there would be a post up already. Thing is, I don't know what men think of us womenfolk! J doesn't say anything when I ask him if there's anything women need to know about men.

All will resume soon, I promise.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things I Learnt From Independence Day (the movie).

  1. When a spaceship 13 miles wide hovers above your city centre, there will always be some people who will welcome it from rooftops.

  2. Again, you may get sent to space when you join the armed forces.

  3. -- You're sending me.. where now???

  4. There's a wireless hotspot in friggin space. You just switch on your laptop and you get signal.

  5. There is no firewall. Or secured wireless network. Or a friggin mechanism that behaves likes an antivirus software running on the mothership. Anyone can upload a virus.

  6. A Mac, which doesn't really support lots of software RIGHT NOW, has no problem interfacing with alien technology. I'm inclined to believe that the Mac is in fact, alien in nature as well.

  7. You can smoke a cigar inside an alien spaceship in space. F*&k aviation authority.

  8. Area 51 is a very badly kept military secret. (See: Transformers, The X Files, Men In Black etc.)

  9. A fleet of RV will be guaranteed entry to a supposedly non-existent military base, say Area 51, if they have an alien with its lights punched out at the back of the truck.

  10. Aliens who invade Earth pick the planet because of oxygen.

  11. All aliens are fugly. (See: E.T., Alien, Predator, Mars Attack etc.)

  12. Trained U.S. fighter pilots can fly alien spacecraft.

  13. -- How hard can that be??

  14. Untrained military pilots, say a drunk guy who claims he had been abducted by aliens 10 years ago, can fly a fighter jet with no problems.

  15. Friggin aliens light years advanced than us (hey they flew their entire colony all the way to our planet, that means a lot when we still can't figure out cheap transportation for the masses. Let alone mass space travel.) still rely on primitive signals relayed by satellites to synchronize a global invasion.

  16. It is possible to spend 8 years in MIT and end up working at a TV station.

Area 51 - Wikipedia entry.
Independence Day - Review from

Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 Things Men Don't Know About Women - Part 5.

  1. Women don't like the way men whine when they are sick with, I don't know, maybe a headache. Pop a panadol, stay hydrated and well-rested and you will feel better. We will have no problem taking care of you when you are genuinely sick. Stop whining and groaning like you are on your deathbed because you aren't.

  2. Women really don't like it when men whine about their neverending heachaches. Root cause of headache? Hours spent in front of the telly/ computer playing first person shooting games like Splinter Cell. The angles change constantly and staring at it for 5 hours will most definitely give you a headache.

  3. If only men know that we love their independence. Contrary to beliefs, some men don't know what to do when their girlfriends are away.

  4. Women (read: mostly just me) actually abhor strenous physical activities such as exercise. It makes you sweat, stink and your hair is all wet and messy after a run. We only do it because we want to live longer and look better, and we prefer to pound the treadmill and run through the tears when you're not watching.

  5. We can never have enough bags.

  6. Some of us can switch from airheads who can't stop gabbing about sparkly shoes to economic analysts offering sharp observations about inflation and recession like that. Our obsession with sparkly shoes has NOTHING to do with our intelligence.

  7. Buying us a drink means buying us a drink. Women will gladly buy you a beer and not expect you to offer anything in return. Don't jump to conclusions and expect anything from it.

  8. We don't get why some men wear unbuttoned shirts with their chests out in full view. You are not at the beach nor a broadway play. We secretly think you are overcompensating for something.

    See: Mario Lopez.

  9. We know how to work the PlayStation 1, 2 and 3. And Xbox. And Wii.

  10. It is very difficult to buy pressies for women. We get it. If you have no idea what to get, a scrumptious meal will do just fine. We're not expecting a treat at a Michelin starred restaurant. And even though Carl's Jr Portobello Mushroom Burger is awesome in so many ways, it doesn't count.

p.s. This blog is written by someone who is girly 89.3% of the time. I wonder if men would like a "10 Things Women Don't Know" list. Ideas?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That Grad Student from Drama Department.

The Grad Student from Drama Department is my co-worker whom I work very closely with because of my project. Why is he called The Grad Student from Drama Department? Well, that's because like every student from the Drama Dept in every university throughout the world, he has a natural flair for throwing tantrums at the most inappropriate times just because someone disagrees with him with regards to work/ artistic direction/ feather boa in the wrong shade of pink.

"I said neon pink, not baby!"

Over the 2 years I've been at my current workplace, The Grad Student from Drama Department has
  • yelled at the manager in public,
  • slammed the phone at our clients,
  • given the icy treatment to almost everyone,
  • 'de-friended' a few colleagues and
  • gone hermit.

Those are just a few that I can remember in the 10 seconds that I used to type that 1 sentence. And he wonders why the company hasn't offered him a permanent position.

Grad Student thrives in the spotlight and acts up when he doesn't get the attention he wants. Like the time when he went all morose and sullen after he came back from a 3 week leave and thought everyone was ignoring him. The fact was, everyone was busy so no one really stopped and chatted to him, but he couldn't understand that. Instead of playing catch up, Grad Student came to work and surfed soccer scores for the next 2 weeks.

-- Soccernet.. pfft

Drama Student was re-assigned to my team because Dim Bulb and Newbie left and I was extremely overworked. So technically I am his senior and I taught him all he knows about the project. However I am also one of those that bore the brunt of all his shenanigans and I'm not at all pleased to deal with all the drama at the workplace.

-- why me?!

The Grad Student seems to be getting very much ahead of himself and putting waaaaaaaay too much work on our plates despite my suggestions. I'm not angry that he's improving, but at his lack of project management skills, inability to discuss our opinions and recommendation, and most of all, tact.

The nature of my work involves lots of fire fighting, uncovering mysteries and providing solutions to problems. Grad Student went all Indiana Jones on all the servers and dug out lots of questionable setups. Kudos to him for revealing Temple of Doom to us.

-- Indy doesn't know what lies behind.

Thing is, we're currently trying to resolve an issue with machine A among lots of other friggin issues that continue to plague us, Grad Student wants to move machine A and do stuff to it.

From all those years I spent in school performing science experiments, I've learnt that the conditions should always be kept constant and new factors should not be introduced as that may mess up your findings. In our case, we don't know how the new changes will affect machine A and we most definitely do not want to compound our current problems.

Let's just say we do not see eye to eye on this issue.

Life went on until the Lloyd incident.

Lloyd was rude to me and Grad Student came to know about it. I ignored Lloyd for a good week or so and moved on. I began to respond to Lloyd's work emails and phone calls because the emails in the inbox were increasing and it was apparent that Grad Student did not clear them for that 1 week that I was ignoring Lloyd.

I am one of those people who can't stand seeing the "147 unread emails in your inbox" people. Let alone 3045 unread ones. I am about 93% convinced I have OCD.

-- The actual number of unread emails in my inbox. Fark.

Drama Kid got mad at me and started ignoring me. On MSN Messenger, "nobody gives a better cold shoulder than I do" was plastered on his personal message. I began to take a hint that the message was directed at me but I had absolutely no clue on what I had done wrong. I had to resort to asking around and found out that he giving me the "cold shoulder" because I "relented and talked" to Lloyd.


Friggin hell it sounded like one of those silly teenage relationships and he was giving me the cold shoulder because I talked to another guy. And he's the girl in the relationship. Honestly, what the frick.

Plus, Lloyd is a friend and what's the deal if I do talk to Lloyd, be it work or non-work? It is most definitely not Drama Kid's business. I was half-amused and very offended that he was actually keeping track of who I talk to.

I wonder how long I can put up with Grad Student's dramatic outburst before I go mad.

Bane of my life - Soccernet
Tales of Newbie -

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bushisms, free speech and the people's voice.

Just the thing everyone needs on a Friday.

Enjoy soundbites from George W. here at Bushisms - The President's Accidental Wit and Wisdom! Go to The Dimwit Chronicles for more.

Sometimes I admire the level of free speech in other countries. If you disagree with someone, be it your mom or the entire friggin' government, you let it be known. People march the streets to champion for causes, voice their displeasure for the governments, and fight for better working conditions.

Over here, that level of free speech is not available. I'm not asking for absolute free speech, I'm not asking for a march to take place either. I just wish the men in suits would hear the people's concerns. As much as the men in suits insist that there's free speech, who would voice their opinion in public if they are going to be burn at the stake?

I live in a region where people are unhappy but unable to say it out loud. Like, shove it up where the sun don't shine when they take away fuel subsidies, increase prices by 40% and increase road charges by 50-100% to 'regulate' traffic in town. Yeah, the bloody gantry in front of housing estates that takes away $1 every time you drive out of your home EVEN if you don't stay in town.

-- The clustered bits are in the city but what's with those far from it?!

I am doing ok supporting myself on my current pay. Sometimes I wonder how everyone else makes ends meet when they have a family to support.

Links: - Map of ERPs - Bushisms - The President's Accidental Wit and Wisdom

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Colorful characters in my office.

The Popstar Wannabe sits 2 cubicles behind mine and is a fairly new member of the team. Due to the nature of our work we have duty engineers manning 2 special mobile phones round the clock. If some servers go apeshit during the day, the phone beeps and the duty engineer is alerted. Everyone goes on duty on rotation so the duty engineer's role is to acknowledge the problem.

-- Dedicated to all the folks who won't switch off their phones in the cinemas

Popstar Wannabe came to my cubicle yesterday with the phone in hand, and said "hey the phone beeped."

"Urm, acknowledge the case then."
"Am I supposed to do it? I thought I'll let you guys know and you can attend to it.."

I wonder if the role of the duty engineer was made clear to him.

Popstar W. is a fairly harmless character who speaks at the top of his voice in every conversation. He doesn't realise it. It's like the deaf guy who speaks on top of his voice because he can't hear himself well. This can be pretty friggin' hilarious and embarrassing at times. Like the time when he commented on the size of a lady's bum at the cafeteria when she was less than 5 meters away.

No one was stabbed in the cafeteria that morning.

Popstar Wannabe has often complained about rising prices (like the rest of the world) and his one-step solutions. To each of his problem, he will have a one-step solution that will end his misery.
  • The prices in island-state are on the rise and Popstar W. is adamant that migrating to Australia or Europe will solve his problems.
  • Popstar laments about his singlehood and wants to spend $5000 getting a bride from Vietnam because at 28, he's old and wants to settle down.
  • Popstar is bummed out about not being 'talent spotted' while walking in town and figures he would be good in the entertainment industry. He reckons a career as a karaoke 'singer' in a club would bring in big bucks.

I'm not sure if it's polite to laugh.

Then we have The Flanders, a highly religious bunch in the office who attributes every single natural disaster and accident to the Will of God.

Tsunami? God wants to punish us.
Bombings? God wants to punish us.
Earthquake? God wants to punish us.
Global warming? God wants to punish us.

The exact faux pas Sharon Stone made when she commented about the terrible earthquake in China earlier this year.

Face, meet Palm.

If The Flanders are right, God sure is pissed off to destroy millions of lives. It seems highly callous to atrribute every disaster, natural or otherwise, to God. The Flanders, like the Simpsons' Flanders are generally nice people who would go out of their way to help you. Similarly they are religious and preach quite a fair bit.

I am not sure if I should pen what went on at work, the shenanigans and all so I'm resorted to profiling them. I've written about 1 Cylon, The Flanders, Popstar Wannabe and Lloyd. Jabba, Dim Bulb and the Overlord have left the story. Interesting bunch, isn't it?

Cartoons -

Monday, July 07, 2008

The red CH paper bag.

The striking red Carolina Herrera bag stands in the corner of the garbage chute, as if waiting for someone to come along and put it out of its misery.

It came from the flashy and shiny CH outlet in The Forum Shops, Caesar's Palace Las Vegas. The wing it was in was one of the newest in town and the flagship store stood proudly among other world class fashion retailers. Its shop was so new everything smelled new.

-- A time when the world was perfect.

Aunt was there to buy a shirt for Uncle. I remembered.

We were picking out a navy polo t-shirt with orange stripes, thinking how fun and hip Uncle would look in orange. It isn't everyday people in their 70s wear orange. Uncle doesn't shop so it was up to Aunt to pick out his clothes and stock up his socks. We had dumplings and Oolong tea for lunch at the overpriced Chinese 'fusion' restaurant across from F.A.O Schwartz and strolled back to our hotel. We had fun that day.

-- Chinois at The Forum Shops

Aunt has left us for 2 years. She's a hoarder, just like most of the women in our family. Uncle moved out of the extended family and we helped him clear out their room. Aunt's things now sit neatly in her newly-renovated walk-in wardrobe she didn't get to see.

I guess her collection of paper bags is being put to good use. I wonder what the red CH bag was used to carry before it was discarded nonchalantly at the corner of the garbage chute. Why was it broken? Did anyone know how the bag came about?

No one knows the happy times that bag has seen. No one knows the story of the red CH paper bag. I was the only one with her that day the red CH bag came home with us. It is not just another paper bag. It was a fun day.

The red bag has sat in the corner for a good week. I can't bear to throw it away.

p.s. The inter-weaving of present and past tense is intentional. Uncle still doesn't buy clothes and Aunt is no longer here to buy him socks anymore. =(

Hide and Seek.

One of my all-time favourites.

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek.

So.. haunting.

My right to have a voice and a blog.

I like having this space on the internet where I can pen my thoughts. I like the fact that strangers stumble upon this little space and leave a comment or 2. It is very oh-so-random but it is just the way I would like this space to remain.

-- Random lion

I don't actually tell friends and family about this site. I don't see the need to, and I guess a little breathing space is nice when you are constantly surrounded by hordes of people on this little island state. I want to be heard, and not be heard. Do you get what I mean?

Some of my colleagues at work keep blogs and post their links on their MSN Messenger, broadcasting to the whole world about the last updates. They know that I blog, but I just smile and keep quiet when they ask to trade blog links. I just need space to be myself. I can be as vain, shallow and absolutely critical of everyone without being judged because I am anonymous to a certain extent. It comes across as cowardly but I'm entitled to a voice, no? I just want to be me.

I read about people being penalised at work because of their blog entries or the Facebook profiles. I find that our outlets of expression are being suffocated. We have good and bad days, and we share this online with our friends and strangers. We post holiday pictures and rant about silly stuff at the workplace.

Is that so bad? Are our Halloween pictures that embarassing to our employers? Does voicing our displeasure at the world make us offensive to some?

-- Potential Costume 2008

I am baffled. The online community has become an extension of our social life and it is an integral part of us whether employers like it or not. Are our employers infringing our lives and privacy? Should employers be allowed to dictate and regulate our voices?

So far my anonymity has served me well. I am still writing about Lloyd and other characters (new!), along with unrealistic wants (Chanel bag) without being judged. So I would like to say thank you to some of my regular visitors, probably 5 of you. Your comments have been a great source of encouragement in a time when site traffic is more important than the message.

I will continue to write.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I can't get tickets to Death Cab For Cutie.

One of my favourite bands, Death Cab For Cutie is coming to town for a one night concert. The tickets went up for sale on Friday 27 June.

I can't find anyone to go with me and finally decided to just go alone. It's Wednesday. And all the tickets have been sold out.

Death Cab For Cutie - Marching Bands of Manhattan

Your Heart Is An Empty Room


I don't know what's worse, missing Death Cab's concert or being asked if I'm pregnant.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things I Learnt From Stargate (the movie).

After watching the movie last night and laughing out loud at some point, I had so many questions. After much meditation (say, 6 hours of rapid-eye movement) I had an epiphany.

  1. Come crunch time, a geeky researcher will know how to use an extraterrestial weapon.

  2. Dying alien who inhabits inside a human still loves to dress up.

  3. -- Give me back my charm necklace!

  4. The most beautiful woman in the tribe from outerspace will offer herself to you willingly.

  5. Teens from said tribe who are still striking rocks together will figure out how to unlock the gun safety on advanced human weapons.

  6. Always bring a chocolate bar with you. You never know what you can barter it for. Especially in outerspace.

  7. When you enlist in the army, there is a chance that they will send you to another planet.

  8. -- You're sending me where?!

  9. For the greater good of mankind, always bring an atomic bomb to 'finish' things.

  10. Never overestimate the footmen an alien god king has. This one travels with no more than 10 guards (that I could see).

  11. Teleportation is now available at the tip of your hand.

  12. Child slavery exists in space.

  13. Random shootings into the sky will distract alien guards when you are making an escape moments before execution.

  14. A space camel has a keen sense of smell.

Did I miss anything?

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