Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brief update.

It is pretty obvious when I haven't been posting, or putting the usual amount of effort into my writing.

J is here and we're pretty much busy with the whole "who's doing the laundry" and "what's for dinner" thing. And then there are the lunches and dinners with my friends because they want to meet J. Including that 1 dinner with his former employer.

All will resume pretty soon, next week I guess when J goes back to work. He isn't having the best time at work because the company is putting cost savings above safety. J isn't happy about having casualties onboard and being responsible for them when the company won't cough up the money to get things fixed.

I have been giving much thought to the 10 things series, but from men's point of view. It hasn't been going well, obviously, or there would be a post up already. Thing is, I don't know what men think of us womenfolk! J doesn't say anything when I ask him if there's anything women need to know about men.

All will resume soon, I promise.

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