Friday, July 11, 2008

Bushisms, free speech and the people's voice.

Just the thing everyone needs on a Friday.

Enjoy soundbites from George W. here at Bushisms - The President's Accidental Wit and Wisdom! Go to The Dimwit Chronicles for more.

Sometimes I admire the level of free speech in other countries. If you disagree with someone, be it your mom or the entire friggin' government, you let it be known. People march the streets to champion for causes, voice their displeasure for the governments, and fight for better working conditions.

Over here, that level of free speech is not available. I'm not asking for absolute free speech, I'm not asking for a march to take place either. I just wish the men in suits would hear the people's concerns. As much as the men in suits insist that there's free speech, who would voice their opinion in public if they are going to be burn at the stake?

I live in a region where people are unhappy but unable to say it out loud. Like, shove it up where the sun don't shine when they take away fuel subsidies, increase prices by 40% and increase road charges by 50-100% to 'regulate' traffic in town. Yeah, the bloody gantry in front of housing estates that takes away $1 every time you drive out of your home EVEN if you don't stay in town.

-- The clustered bits are in the city but what's with those far from it?!

I am doing ok supporting myself on my current pay. Sometimes I wonder how everyone else makes ends meet when they have a family to support.

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Sleepy Scott said...

I take the free speech we have in the US for granted.

Thanks for reminding me of how lucky I am to live where I live.

Good luck with that "traffic" tax. Yuck!

Rach said...

I try to drive outside of city centre, or drive to the city during off-peak hours to avoid the charges. sigh.

Thanks for reading!

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