Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Colorful characters in my office.

The Popstar Wannabe sits 2 cubicles behind mine and is a fairly new member of the team. Due to the nature of our work we have duty engineers manning 2 special mobile phones round the clock. If some servers go apeshit during the day, the phone beeps and the duty engineer is alerted. Everyone goes on duty on rotation so the duty engineer's role is to acknowledge the problem.

-- Dedicated to all the folks who won't switch off their phones in the cinemas

Popstar Wannabe came to my cubicle yesterday with the phone in hand, and said "hey the phone beeped."

"Urm, acknowledge the case then."
"Am I supposed to do it? I thought I'll let you guys know and you can attend to it.."

I wonder if the role of the duty engineer was made clear to him.

Popstar W. is a fairly harmless character who speaks at the top of his voice in every conversation. He doesn't realise it. It's like the deaf guy who speaks on top of his voice because he can't hear himself well. This can be pretty friggin' hilarious and embarrassing at times. Like the time when he commented on the size of a lady's bum at the cafeteria when she was less than 5 meters away.

No one was stabbed in the cafeteria that morning.

Popstar Wannabe has often complained about rising prices (like the rest of the world) and his one-step solutions. To each of his problem, he will have a one-step solution that will end his misery.
  • The prices in island-state are on the rise and Popstar W. is adamant that migrating to Australia or Europe will solve his problems.
  • Popstar laments about his singlehood and wants to spend $5000 getting a bride from Vietnam because at 28, he's old and wants to settle down.
  • Popstar is bummed out about not being 'talent spotted' while walking in town and figures he would be good in the entertainment industry. He reckons a career as a karaoke 'singer' in a club would bring in big bucks.

I'm not sure if it's polite to laugh.

Then we have The Flanders, a highly religious bunch in the office who attributes every single natural disaster and accident to the Will of God.

Tsunami? God wants to punish us.
Bombings? God wants to punish us.
Earthquake? God wants to punish us.
Global warming? God wants to punish us.

The exact faux pas Sharon Stone made when she commented about the terrible earthquake in China earlier this year.

Face, meet Palm.

If The Flanders are right, God sure is pissed off to destroy millions of lives. It seems highly callous to atrribute every disaster, natural or otherwise, to God. The Flanders, like the Simpsons' Flanders are generally nice people who would go out of their way to help you. Similarly they are religious and preach quite a fair bit.

I am not sure if I should pen what went on at work, the shenanigans and all so I'm resorted to profiling them. I've written about 1 Cylon, The Flanders, Popstar Wannabe and Lloyd. Jabba, Dim Bulb and the Overlord have left the story. Interesting bunch, isn't it?

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Goofy Girl said...

Hahha I think I talk really loud on my cell phone - but I go talk outside so if I'm loud its not quite as bad ;)

Rach said...

Thanks for visiting! =)

Sleepy Scott said...

Nice cast of characters. Keep the stories coming!

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