Saturday, July 26, 2008

Me-time and my writing style.

J has finally succumbed to the social behemoth that is Facebook.

After much cajoling from me and his sisters, he got one on Friday. Due to the nature of his career, J is away in some foreign exotic islands most of the time and being away for most of the year does not bode well for relationships friendships.

[I struck out 'relationships' because that's jinxing my luck with men. I'm too tired and hermit-like to go out and meet new people.]

J's friends are all over the world so they don't meet a lot. J spends his off time here on the little island-state with me so he doesn't see his family or his 4 sisters. It's good that they can keep up with one another's lives on Facebook and send unwanted 'pokes' and gifts everyday out of sibling-ly love.

Now that he's occupied with Facebook like a child with a new toy, I have some me-time. Which is ironic, since I'm still writing about him during my me-time. Then again, I don't plan what comes out when I type. I don't think I ever planned my posts, unless it is something I feel strongly about. So you can either get a list of stuff I realised after watching a movie, or my ever so inexplicable fascination with fickle fashion. I just keep going until it's time to Google for appropriate pictures for the post.

Utterly random.

What's your writing style like?

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