Monday, July 07, 2008

The red CH paper bag.

The striking red Carolina Herrera bag stands in the corner of the garbage chute, as if waiting for someone to come along and put it out of its misery.

It came from the flashy and shiny CH outlet in The Forum Shops, Caesar's Palace Las Vegas. The wing it was in was one of the newest in town and the flagship store stood proudly among other world class fashion retailers. Its shop was so new everything smelled new.

-- A time when the world was perfect.

Aunt was there to buy a shirt for Uncle. I remembered.

We were picking out a navy polo t-shirt with orange stripes, thinking how fun and hip Uncle would look in orange. It isn't everyday people in their 70s wear orange. Uncle doesn't shop so it was up to Aunt to pick out his clothes and stock up his socks. We had dumplings and Oolong tea for lunch at the overpriced Chinese 'fusion' restaurant across from F.A.O Schwartz and strolled back to our hotel. We had fun that day.

-- Chinois at The Forum Shops

Aunt has left us for 2 years. She's a hoarder, just like most of the women in our family. Uncle moved out of the extended family and we helped him clear out their room. Aunt's things now sit neatly in her newly-renovated walk-in wardrobe she didn't get to see.

I guess her collection of paper bags is being put to good use. I wonder what the red CH bag was used to carry before it was discarded nonchalantly at the corner of the garbage chute. Why was it broken? Did anyone know how the bag came about?

No one knows the happy times that bag has seen. No one knows the story of the red CH paper bag. I was the only one with her that day the red CH bag came home with us. It is not just another paper bag. It was a fun day.

The red bag has sat in the corner for a good week. I can't bear to throw it away.

p.s. The inter-weaving of present and past tense is intentional. Uncle still doesn't buy clothes and Aunt is no longer here to buy him socks anymore. =(

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