Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That Grad Student from Drama Department.

The Grad Student from Drama Department is my co-worker whom I work very closely with because of my project. Why is he called The Grad Student from Drama Department? Well, that's because like every student from the Drama Dept in every university throughout the world, he has a natural flair for throwing tantrums at the most inappropriate times just because someone disagrees with him with regards to work/ artistic direction/ feather boa in the wrong shade of pink.

"I said neon pink, not baby!"

Over the 2 years I've been at my current workplace, The Grad Student from Drama Department has
  • yelled at the manager in public,
  • slammed the phone at our clients,
  • given the icy treatment to almost everyone,
  • 'de-friended' a few colleagues and
  • gone hermit.

Those are just a few that I can remember in the 10 seconds that I used to type that 1 sentence. And he wonders why the company hasn't offered him a permanent position.

Grad Student thrives in the spotlight and acts up when he doesn't get the attention he wants. Like the time when he went all morose and sullen after he came back from a 3 week leave and thought everyone was ignoring him. The fact was, everyone was busy so no one really stopped and chatted to him, but he couldn't understand that. Instead of playing catch up, Grad Student came to work and surfed soccer scores for the next 2 weeks.

-- Soccernet.. pfft

Drama Student was re-assigned to my team because Dim Bulb and Newbie left and I was extremely overworked. So technically I am his senior and I taught him all he knows about the project. However I am also one of those that bore the brunt of all his shenanigans and I'm not at all pleased to deal with all the drama at the workplace.

-- why me?!

The Grad Student seems to be getting very much ahead of himself and putting waaaaaaaay too much work on our plates despite my suggestions. I'm not angry that he's improving, but at his lack of project management skills, inability to discuss our opinions and recommendation, and most of all, tact.

The nature of my work involves lots of fire fighting, uncovering mysteries and providing solutions to problems. Grad Student went all Indiana Jones on all the servers and dug out lots of questionable setups. Kudos to him for revealing Temple of Doom to us.

-- Indy doesn't know what lies behind.

Thing is, we're currently trying to resolve an issue with machine A among lots of other friggin issues that continue to plague us, Grad Student wants to move machine A and do stuff to it.

From all those years I spent in school performing science experiments, I've learnt that the conditions should always be kept constant and new factors should not be introduced as that may mess up your findings. In our case, we don't know how the new changes will affect machine A and we most definitely do not want to compound our current problems.

Let's just say we do not see eye to eye on this issue.

Life went on until the Lloyd incident.

Lloyd was rude to me and Grad Student came to know about it. I ignored Lloyd for a good week or so and moved on. I began to respond to Lloyd's work emails and phone calls because the emails in the inbox were increasing and it was apparent that Grad Student did not clear them for that 1 week that I was ignoring Lloyd.

I am one of those people who can't stand seeing the "147 unread emails in your inbox" people. Let alone 3045 unread ones. I am about 93% convinced I have OCD.

-- The actual number of unread emails in my inbox. Fark.

Drama Kid got mad at me and started ignoring me. On MSN Messenger, "nobody gives a better cold shoulder than I do" was plastered on his personal message. I began to take a hint that the message was directed at me but I had absolutely no clue on what I had done wrong. I had to resort to asking around and found out that he giving me the "cold shoulder" because I "relented and talked" to Lloyd.


Friggin hell it sounded like one of those silly teenage relationships and he was giving me the cold shoulder because I talked to another guy. And he's the girl in the relationship. Honestly, what the frick.

Plus, Lloyd is a friend and what's the deal if I do talk to Lloyd, be it work or non-work? It is most definitely not Drama Kid's business. I was half-amused and very offended that he was actually keeping track of who I talk to.

I wonder how long I can put up with Grad Student's dramatic outburst before I go mad.

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Goofy Girl said...

Lots of colored fonts :) Hehe!

Yukes, sounds like that kids quite a handful... hope you can get through it ok!

Rach said...

i love colors hehe

i'm not sure if i'm over-reacting but thanks for reading!

Teapot said...

you're totally over-reacting, i see i'm no longer your "one and only" loyal reader. heheh only joking

Rach said...

urm.... oops? hehe

see amended sidebar =)

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