Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things I Learnt From Independence Day (the movie).

  1. When a spaceship 13 miles wide hovers above your city centre, there will always be some people who will welcome it from rooftops.

  2. Again, you may get sent to space when you join the armed forces.

  3. -- You're sending me.. where now???

  4. There's a wireless hotspot in friggin space. You just switch on your laptop and you get signal.

  5. There is no firewall. Or secured wireless network. Or a friggin mechanism that behaves likes an antivirus software running on the mothership. Anyone can upload a virus.

  6. A Mac, which doesn't really support lots of software RIGHT NOW, has no problem interfacing with alien technology. I'm inclined to believe that the Mac is in fact, alien in nature as well.

  7. You can smoke a cigar inside an alien spaceship in space. F*&k aviation authority.

  8. Area 51 is a very badly kept military secret. (See: Transformers, The X Files, Men In Black etc.)

  9. A fleet of RV will be guaranteed entry to a supposedly non-existent military base, say Area 51, if they have an alien with its lights punched out at the back of the truck.

  10. Aliens who invade Earth pick the planet because of oxygen.

  11. All aliens are fugly. (See: E.T., Alien, Predator, Mars Attack etc.)

  12. Trained U.S. fighter pilots can fly alien spacecraft.

  13. -- How hard can that be??

  14. Untrained military pilots, say a drunk guy who claims he had been abducted by aliens 10 years ago, can fly a fighter jet with no problems.

  15. Friggin aliens light years advanced than us (hey they flew their entire colony all the way to our planet, that means a lot when we still can't figure out cheap transportation for the masses. Let alone mass space travel.) still rely on primitive signals relayed by satellites to synchronize a global invasion.

  16. It is possible to spend 8 years in MIT and end up working at a TV station.

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Independence Day - Review from


Teapot said...

when this movie came out, a guy from my high school saw it 8 times! It's still one of his favourite movie according to his facebook profile.

all i remember is that will smith's wife in that movie is a stripper

Rach said...

A stripper with a heart of gold who can drive a fire engine.

thanks for stopping by!

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