Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things I Learnt From Stargate (the movie).

After watching the movie last night and laughing out loud at some point, I had so many questions. After much meditation (say, 6 hours of rapid-eye movement) I had an epiphany.

  1. Come crunch time, a geeky researcher will know how to use an extraterrestial weapon.

  2. Dying alien who inhabits inside a human still loves to dress up.

  3. -- Give me back my charm necklace!

  4. The most beautiful woman in the tribe from outerspace will offer herself to you willingly.

  5. Teens from said tribe who are still striking rocks together will figure out how to unlock the gun safety on advanced human weapons.

  6. Always bring a chocolate bar with you. You never know what you can barter it for. Especially in outerspace.

  7. When you enlist in the army, there is a chance that they will send you to another planet.

  8. -- You're sending me where?!

  9. For the greater good of mankind, always bring an atomic bomb to 'finish' things.

  10. Never overestimate the footmen an alien god king has. This one travels with no more than 10 guards (that I could see).

  11. Teleportation is now available at the tip of your hand.

  12. Child slavery exists in space.

  13. Random shootings into the sky will distract alien guards when you are making an escape moments before execution.

  14. A space camel has a keen sense of smell.

Did I miss anything?


Teapot said...

English is the universal language of the universe

Rach said...

wow that's good!

took me some time to think about it:
Space armadillo-like creatures taste like chicken.

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