Monday, July 07, 2008

My right to have a voice and a blog.

I like having this space on the internet where I can pen my thoughts. I like the fact that strangers stumble upon this little space and leave a comment or 2. It is very oh-so-random but it is just the way I would like this space to remain.

-- Random lion

I don't actually tell friends and family about this site. I don't see the need to, and I guess a little breathing space is nice when you are constantly surrounded by hordes of people on this little island state. I want to be heard, and not be heard. Do you get what I mean?

Some of my colleagues at work keep blogs and post their links on their MSN Messenger, broadcasting to the whole world about the last updates. They know that I blog, but I just smile and keep quiet when they ask to trade blog links. I just need space to be myself. I can be as vain, shallow and absolutely critical of everyone without being judged because I am anonymous to a certain extent. It comes across as cowardly but I'm entitled to a voice, no? I just want to be me.

I read about people being penalised at work because of their blog entries or the Facebook profiles. I find that our outlets of expression are being suffocated. We have good and bad days, and we share this online with our friends and strangers. We post holiday pictures and rant about silly stuff at the workplace.

Is that so bad? Are our Halloween pictures that embarassing to our employers? Does voicing our displeasure at the world make us offensive to some?

-- Potential Costume 2008

I am baffled. The online community has become an extension of our social life and it is an integral part of us whether employers like it or not. Are our employers infringing our lives and privacy? Should employers be allowed to dictate and regulate our voices?

So far my anonymity has served me well. I am still writing about Lloyd and other characters (new!), along with unrealistic wants (Chanel bag) without being judged. So I would like to say thank you to some of my regular visitors, probably 5 of you. Your comments have been a great source of encouragement in a time when site traffic is more important than the message.

I will continue to write.

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Goofy Girl said...

I think its important to have a place where you can express yourself freely. :)

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