Friday, August 08, 2008

10 Things Women Don't Know About Men - Special Edition.

A while ago, a suggestion to write "10 things women don't know about men" came up and till last week, I was still stuck at number 6.

It was half done, since 6 is way more than half of 10. It has been quite challenging since how the heck would I know what women don't know about men. I wouldn't know, would I?!?!

This perplexed me and I turned to trusty Google for help. Note to everyone: Do not search for "men magazines" at work. It can be highly embarrassing when some scantily clad woman is plastered all over the website in clothes the size of tea towels.

I could have searched for "things women don't know about men" but that's cheating, in my books anyway. I read online man magazines to have a peek into the psyche of men. and helped.

-- Maxim? Not really. Men just come across as pervy creatures.

So here it is.

  1. Men have a limited vocabulary. When the reply is a indecipherable grunt that's still part of the language.

  2. We just don't see why you have to keep cleaning the flat every single day. What's a few hair on the floor, or a few bowls in the sink?

  3. If the need arises, we can do the laundry. And cook much better than you can.

  4. Whatever you wanna call your heels, sandals, flats and gumboots, they are still shoes to us. You don't need that many.

  5. No bag is worth that amount.

  6. Sometimes we wish you would make up your mind faster.

  7. We like to dress well too. Finely tailored shirts, suits, belts and shoes are some of the things we would like to own.

  8. We will always look at women. You, Angelina Jolie and that girl with the ponytail who just walked past. It's a bit like scenery, you can't help but look.

  9. A great sense of humour exudes confidence. If you can laugh at yourself in public, you're comfortable just the way you are and that's mighty fine by us.

  10. Women should stop with double edged questions such as "how do I look in these jeans". Men just can't win with these questions thrown around.

Boys, how did I do?


Sleepy Scott said...

Nice try. We are wired differently than you ladies, so don't ever expect to figure us out.

Teapot said...

i actually agree with most of these

Rach said...

Don't think I failed abysmally. thanks guys =D

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