Monday, August 25, 2008

Cute cats, slow day and roadkill.

I drove by 2 roadkills this week and I'm horrified. J said the poor cats were just sleeping. In the rain. On lane 1 of the road. I swerved and nearly hit another car on lane 2.

I wonder if they told the road cleaning man that picking up roadkill is part of the job description.

-- Isn't it wuuuuuvely????

The island state is concrete jungle so there aren't many stray cats or dogs roaming the streets, especially in the city. Where do they come from? Are they strays or pets?

-- Awwwwww I want one!

Poor cats.

p.s. It's a slow day. I'm reduced to writing about roadkill for crying out loud. Roadkill!!

Cute cats that are still alive at

1 comment:

Teapot said...

I love cats! Road kill sucks :(

Man that Feist thing is awesome!

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