Tuesday, August 26, 2008

De-clutter links, drop down menus and revamping my Blogspot.

I realise that as I continue to skive at work and blog hop to find interesting reads, the list of links on the right column keeps growing.

Oh f*ck it I'm done with scrolling, Alt-Print Scrn and Ctrl-V, drag to increase my canvas on my Microsoft Paint.

[Just a little tip: Ctrl-e opens up the attribute feature of MS Paint and allows you to increase your canvas size without all that )@&#! dragging.]

It's a nightmare. I mean, if I want to read Cracked.com, check out fashion sites or how my BlogShares are doing, I have to scroll all over the friggin' place to look for them. I'm using Blogger's Classic Template and not the new fancy Google Gadgets capable Blogger Template. I wonder if I should do an upgrade, or continuously look around to hack/modify the template to add things like the Archive drop down menu.

Yeah, I edited codes to friggin' enable that.
And the Labels.
And the placement of the Labels below the timestamp.
Yeah little things like that which everyone thought came with Blogger.

I'm going to de-clutter the links and hopefully place them in their respective drop down menus. They are going to be on the sidebar on the right hand side, just neater. So maybe when you do come across the new drop down menus, please fiddle with it and let me know if the links work. I may have missed out something as little as a quotation mark (") and effed up the links altogether.

I'm also looking into changing the background color. Perhaps to something a little less depressing like meringue yellow or Classic Win XP hillside picture. =D Inputs are welcomed.

Thanks heaps!

1 comment:

Teapot said...

black is very depressing. My very first blog/website was black and it sucked. Well the contents sucked, not the colour.

i know nothing about colour/html so i have nothing else to say. Over.

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