Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic pride, the little girl in red and the price to pay.

I feel pride for the Chinese during Olympic Opening Ceremony. It was an extravagant, no-expenses-spared performance from the Chinese. It felt like the Chinese have arrived, and they are eager to show the world. It was spectacular.

(Photo credit: Lars Baron/Bongarts/Getty Images)

As the Olympic Games unfolds, sporting triumphs share the spotlight with allegations of doping and 'exposes'. The lip-synching girl who captivated the world and the use of pre-recorded images brought a cloud over the host nation. Lin Miaoke and the piano playing girl are so adorable I can feel my ovaries going gaga. (See: Suri Cruise) I think my biological has started ticking. Shite.

-- Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi

Back to my point. The Ceremony is similar to cheerleading competitions in high school. Notice how all the cheerleaders are among the prettiest people who walk all over the school? It is all but a show, and never a true reflection of the colorful students who attend the school. It would be hard to explain what happened to 99% of the student population if everyone were supposed to be slender, tall sunkissed goddesses.

-- I'll never look like the Aussie volleyball players.

I can understand where China is coming from. This is a once in a lifetime chance for the Chinese government to showcase China, the country's progress and perhaps its capabilities to orchestrate a world class event and performance televised around the world. They want it to be perfect. I can understand why they want it to be perfect.

It is, however, appalling that people are bashing the host for the string of ill-advised decisions in spite of the overall success of the Ceremony. "China sucks" or "Shame on China" blah blah blah. It's about time some people climb off their moral high horse and smell the grass they trod on.

I am not defending the decision to put a cute girl on telly to win over the world. Nor the decision by the host to use pre-recorded images if the weather fouls up. I just think that some things could have been done better.

I am disappointed at the decision to replace the girl who sang the national anthem. Perhaps she isn't the most attractive little girl around but her beautiful voice should place her proudly on the world stage. And yet she was replaced based on her looks, which can't be good for the self-confidence of a seven year old.

[Speaking of winning over the world, the girl succeeded. Mission accomplished?]

I can't represent my country because I'm not beautiful enough. Ouch.

It's a shame you were replaced at the Opening Ceremony. But don't be sad, because you have the support of the entire world now. Go, Peiyi, go!!

In an effort to showcase the best, the mindset to do what's right (?) was put aside. Sometimes, the ends do not justify the means.

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Teapot said...

You know if I want to see ugly people sing, i just stand in front of the mirror with a hairbrush.

It's all about appearance! it's a shame they couldn't actually find someone cute who can sing. can't be that hard when you have 1.3billion to choose from

Rach said...

I think they were looking for a girl under 9, cute, expressive, sings very well. If they started looking 4 years ago, that would make the girl 5 then?

Thanks for stopping by, Teapot!

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