Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super Mario Star and my rage blackout.

For every single time I feel like punching the lights out of someone,
  • When Grad Student is being a total dick at work.
  • When technology-challenged end users ask *&^# questions such as "Is my password case sensitive" when there's a friggin notice at the bottom.

  • For every single time Popstar Wannabe give me the "yo wassup" wink.
  • When the management decides to have a major upgrade/maintenance without giving us ample time to prepare.
  • When the management is blatantly sucking up to the client by praising their "strong leadership" when said upgrade/maintenance is a success. What the fish did they ever do? And the praise just sounds Commie.
  • For every single time Lloyd talks without thinking. Which is very often.

I wish I have the Invincibility Star before I stomp on them before they meet their pancake-flat Goomba end.

Oh, cheap crappy plastic mass manufactured Star! I want you!

Link: - Super Mario Singing Glow Star
List of Mario enemies - Wikipedia entry

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