Monday, August 04, 2008

Water quality and the failure of news spinning.

It was reported on the news that one of the local beaches (more like stretch of sand with the sea next to it. It's not Bondi.) is no longer safe for swimming.

This is due to high levels of bacteria in the water commonly found in feces of human and warm blooded animals.

E.coli? Killer alien-3rd arm bacteria?

People pooing in the water?

A comment was made by some representative and it was awesome. In essence, it is not the water quality of the beach that has deteriorated, but the standard of grading has raised the bar.

Does that mean the water has ALWAYS been bad polluted and chockful of bacteria?

Way to spin it boys.

NEA - New water quality guidelines
News article - Avoid swimming at ..


Why It's Lame said...

Hey - cool blog. I like the beach post - it's funny. I look forward to checking it out again.

Take care,


Rach said...

thanks for stopping by!

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