Saturday, September 06, 2008

Engagement, random thoughts and swamped with questions.

I suck at updating people but here I am.

So I got engaged. What's next?

-- I seriously bought books like this.

It has been a week and it feels strangely exciting yet scary to be engaged. It wasn't what we think it's like. There was no candlelight dinner, bouquet of flowers, soft music in the background nor us dressed up beautifully.

Oh, I was caught by surprise like a deer in headlights. Needless to say, there was an awkward silence before I said anything. Oops.

-- No this did not take place.

Well there were flowers. Growing by the sidewalk. Property of National Parks. So they don't count.

I don't know who to call first or who to tell. Am I supposed to call up friends all the way from kindy, or just close ones who are still pretty much in my life? In which order should I call them? Parents first, definitely. Oh, what if some of my friends are single and here I am calling to announce my engagement? That sounds mean.

Yeah. It's pretty scary. In the end I wrote a one-liner here, and J and I changed our status to 'engaged' on Facebook. That was our announcement. How very 'personal'.

We are very happy. J's family had a barbeque with all his friends at home in Gold Coast while the 2 of us were stuck here. Basically a party for the couple without the couple.

I've been inundated with questions for the Big Day. What am I going to wear, what are my bridesmaids going to wear, are we going to photographers and a videographer, are we going to have flower girl, flowers, venue, guest list, color palette blah blah blah.

I swear I'm going mad and this is just week 1 of our engagement!


Teapot said...

congrrats!!!!! so, how big is the rock? hahaha :P

how exciting! you need to post more details!

Rach said...

how big is the rock? mmmm i'll take a pic and post it =P

what details do you wanna know? :)

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