Monday, September 08, 2008

If only I can pick between iPhone and Samsung Omnia.

My current phone is so 'bruised' after 8 months of use, I wish I could retire it.

I am a girl, so naturally I handle all my belongings with care. I'm not the kind who puts the phone in a bag, and that phone bag in the phone pouch in my handbag. By the time I release my wailing phone from all the bags and pockets it is confined in, I'd have missed my call.

My phone sits in the little mobile pouch in the bag and does not come into contact with keys and other sharp nasty things that will scratch it.

-- This is NOT a photo of my bag.

[And what's with the whole bag in a bag thing?! Is it an excuse to get a little pouch just for the phone or what?]

-- So many choices!

And guess what happens when I lavish TLC on my blasted phone?

Can you spot the damage? Let's take another look, shall we?

Samsung, please come up with better materials for your phone. That cheap paint laminate falls off in just 2 months.

I'm contemplating an iPhone.

-- Holy jebus it's pretty.

Being pretty and wafer thin is a major plus. I can make phone calls and send text messages. It works just like any other phone. The only reason I'll get it is because of its appearance and not its capabilities.

Samsung, LG and even Nokia have been able to come up with phones that have more capabilities that iPhone. You can send MMS, switch between different languages mid-use if you want to send a text message in a mish mash of Chinese and English. A high megapixel camera, mp3 player, video capabilities and expandable memory come standard.

Let's not even think about surfing websites on the iPhone because I grow old just thinking about it.

iPhone 'Surfing' On AT&T Network Isn't Fast, Jobs Concedes

Sometimes I wonder what the hype surrounding iPhone is about.

It's a phone with built in battery so if the battery konks out, I'm dead. With all its capabilities and a few functions (and years) away from launching a nuclear attack with one touch while your mp3s stream uninterrupted from your iPhone, the battery life is a big drawback to the mobile.

-- Lovingly referenced from

If I were to use it as an iPod for 8 hours AND as a phone daily, I'll be uncontactable from late afternoon onwards till the moment I get home and plonk the damn thing at the charging station. If you build something with so many features, it is only right if the battery life is beefed up to allow consumers to use all that.

Samsung Omnia looks pretty good though.

Oh my.

Awesomeness in a box.

But I wonder if the paint, screen, anything with the phone will peel off like my Samsung U700.

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