Friday, September 12, 2008

Kim Jong Il, conspiracy theories and his possible sense of wicked humour.

For the past 2 days there have been interesting rumours about the supposed death of Kim Jong-Il since his disappearance from public. Some say he has died and substituted by his body double.

Will the real Kim please stand up? Honestly I can't tell the difference.

(Answer: Kim's double on the left in 2008, real Kim in 2003)

In fact, the response from Pyongyang to these persistent rumours kicks a*s.

However, Kim Myong Chol, the executive director of the Centre for North Korean-US Peace, a mouthpiece for Pyongyang, said Kim was "enjoying watching the West's reaction to his 'disappearance'. He is laughing and smiling and watching BBC and CNN.

North Korea denies Kim Jong-il dead and claim 'conspiracy'
-- By Malcolm Moore in Shanghai and Julian Ryall in Tokyo
Last Updated: 3:49PM BST 11 Sep 2008

Kim must have a wicked sense of humour if he's disappearing on purpose.

But if he is indeed 6 feet under, North Korea could go either way after his rule. The military could have taken over and resumed North Korea's nuclear programme and blast the living daylights out of the world because they don't really care. (Do they?) Or North Korea could open its doors and rejoin civilization.

I would imagine it to be a rude shock for North Koreans to see their neighbours and the rest of the world, and puzzle over the crazy phenomenon that is the Apple iPod.

-- There's someone singing inside this piece of plastic!!!!!

I love reading about conspiracy theories, from 9/11 conspiracy theories, moon landings to Princess Diana. It makes me wonder out loud if any of them is plausible and I simply enjoy wrapping my head around fascinating possibilities.

I wouldn't say people who give time to conspiracy theories as silly, because after all, people should always question what is presented to them. Is there any other explanation? Is there truth in these statements? Without this curiosity or the capacity to question, wouldn't one be a mindless drone, accepting whatever information fed to him as the truth?

THAT would be terrifying.

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